NCL has Officially announced the switch from Pepsi Soft Drinks to Coca-Cola Products.

This change is in conjunction with the inaugural sailing of the cruise line's newest ship Norwegian Prima, Which is already Serving Coca-Cola Products.

New Partnership Announced

NCL President and CEO Officially Announced new partnership with Coca-Cola and start serving on Norwegian Prima.

NCL is honored to align with Coca-Cola and will look forward to leverage this relationship to continue to enhance NCL Guest Experience.

These contracts may include better pricing and incentives to be an exclusive beverage partner than multiple brands were offered on a single ship.

The Other cruise lines currently offering Coca-Cola products Include Disney Cruise Line and Royal Caribbean Cruise Line.

Which Ship You Will find Coca-Cola Product....

The Brand New Norwegian prima is the first ship in Norwegian's 18 Ship Fleet to carry Coca-Cola as it's official soft drink.

The Remaining Norwegian Ships will all be fully switched over to Coca-Cola products by December, 22.