US Embassy India Introducing the Cross Post Dropbox Process.

US Embassy Dropbox

Applicant with an interview Waiver appointment can now choose to drop off their documents at any visa application center or

US Embassy Dropbox

Documents delivery location regardless of where their drop box appointment is scheduled.

People React and said :- It has become a nightmare to get a drop box appointment . People are waiting since more then two years for this facilitity.

The current situation of drop box in the India will lead to mental depression for many of us.

People Suffering from Mental Stress

People don't see any appointment for 2022,  People are really struggling to get drop box appoint.

What is Drop box for Visa? So once your visa get expired and you need to renew your visa.  In that case you don't need to go for biometrics interview for visa.

You just need to take an appointment and need to pay visa fees. After that you need to drop your all related documents by the Embassy.