Hello Cruisers, NBCRUISER.COM is all about Cruise, Cruise jobs, Cruise News, Hotels, and Hotel Management. Before I start about myself I would like to share a beautiful line with you which always motivates me and inspire me to do something challenging. and the line is ” The Journey gives happiness, not a destination”.

To understand “The journey gives happiness, not destination” for example what if I give you an example about your first crush or first girlfriend. During a survey, 98% of girls or boys are very excited before he or she proposed to each other. But once they except to each other then the level of eagerness is not that much. I hope, it makes you understand if not then comment to me in the comment box I will try to elaborate on this.

About me

So, My name is Arun and I am graduated from NCHMCT Noida, I was a part of the Oberoi group of a hotel from 2013 to 2015 and after that, I move to the Cruise industry. In November 2015 I joined the Norwegian Cruise Line which gives me self confidence so that I can improve my communication skills and well as financial.

Why am I sharing all this with you? See when I was working with the Oberoi group of hotels my salary was Rs. 12000-14000 and the expenses are more than that. So you can guess what dream I could fulfill with those jobs. To survive my life that job is good but to achieve my dream it’s not. so I decided to move on with a good opportunity and I found employment agencies for cruise jobs and I got this job.

Benefits of Cruise Ship Jobs

In brief, Cruise ship jobs can pay you much better than your home country jobs which help you to fulfill your dreams. I personally believe this is the only job in the world where you can explore the world at the same point of time you can earn very healthy money.


So far I have traveled to New York City, Miami, Houston Taxes, New Orleans City, Nassau Bahama, Mexico City, Belize, Roatan Honduras, Barbados In West Indies, Jamaica, Barcelona, Canada, Santorini Greece, Bermuda, and many more.


Do you think if I work anywhere else then I can explore these places with no cost at the same time I earn money as well? I am 100% there are no jobs like this job.

You will get all the facilities onboard like a good choice of food, fruits, juices, tea, coffees, bar, designated smoking area, game zone, cafe area, safety training always, etc.


Drawback of Cruise Ship Jobs

Yes I know there is some drawback of cruise ship jobs also and I would like to be very transparent with this also.

  1. You will not find your own taste of food as per your choice or tongue.
  2. You will work with no weekly off.
  3. You will stay away from your loved one for a minimum of 6-8 months.
  4. You will not get fresh air always which can cause your skill problems or hair loss.
  5. You need to work with a broken shift for almost 4 to 5 days a week.
  6. If you are sick then you will get off for a few hours as per the onboard doctor’s advice.
  7. Very high chance to spread the flu or any disease and many more.

What is the main reason to share my knowledge with you?

See I have seen some people on social media, youtube, browsers, etc who are influencing very wrong information about the basics of cruise jobs and hotel management. This is not right for new generations who will be more active on social media and all in the future. This is the reason I am trying to help those seekers who are really passionate about Cruise Jobs and Hotel Management. So if anyone has any query about cruise ship jobs please feel free to comment I will help you out.

So friends this is my so far experience, it will be my pleasure to help those people who really want to do something in their life. To do something good or very good in your life, you need to be very healthy first so eat healthy and stay healthy in your beautiful life. Thank you


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