Assistant Server Carnival Salary Per Month

Assistant Server position is one of the second lower position in restaurant department after restaurant steward. Assistant Server Carnival Salary per month is $900 USD per month but your salary would be higher If you are assign to work in different-different outlet. So would you like to know exactly how much Assistant Server Carnival Salary Per Month get then you are on right place because I am working with Carnival Cruise Line at same position and I am going to share exactly how much will get to pay as a assistant server.

Trust me here will show you assistant server monthly pay slip as well and explain you how many times you will get paid in a month.

Assistant Server Carnival Salary

So If you are joining as a Assistant Server in Carnival Cruise Line then you will be assign to work in Team Dinning Restaurant and your salary will be same as per your Contract Letter $900 USD and here you may work for at least 2-3 month and then your duty may be change to other location.

After 2-3 month your supervisor may change your duty from Team Dinning Restaurant to Lido Garden Restaurant which is buffet system dinning for Guest.

Your salary will be same as per your contract letter $900 USD but here you may have an extra chance to upselling beverage like beer, whiskey, Cocktail, Mocktail, Wine, water bottle, etc. If you will do upselling of beverage than there is a good change to get extra service charge in your salary account.

Very Important: If your work performance is really good then you may get a chance to work in main dinning restaurant or In Room Dinning or Any Specialty Restaurant then your salary may increase from $900 USD per month to $1400-$1800 USD per month as a Assistant Server. Because In Room Dinning, Specialty Restaurant and Main Dinning you may get an extra CPG with your salary.

So an Average Salary of Assistant Server Carnival per month is $1000 USD per Month to $1500 USD per Month depend on your duty allocation.

Carnival Pay slip

You Can see 14 days salary $841 USD because In Carnival you will get paid twice in a month and salary is little higher because of the outlet of working during this pay period.

What will be Next Position After Assistant Server In Carnival Cruise Line?

In the Restaurant department of Carnival Cruise line there is big Hierarchy, here you will see what are the positions have in the restaurant department from lower level to higher level position.

S. No. Rank Lower-Higher
1 .Restaurant Steward
2.Assistant ServerYou Here
3.Assistant Team Server
4.Team Server
5.Team Lead Server
6.Assistant Maitre’D
8.Senior Maitre’D
9Operation Manager
So Above I mentioned almost Top 9 position Which usually you will see onboard, There is some more positions on top level which I did not mention.

How to apply for Carnival Cruise Line Jobs Online?

Now days there are many fake jobs provider around us So we need to very aware from those fake jobs provider. I will directly recommend you to visit Carnival Official website for jobs which is .

You can directly apply for Carnival Cruise Ship Jobs for free, If you are apply for carnival cruise line jobs then you must need to fulfill their requirement as per your jobs profile.

Requirement to Work on Carnival Cruise Line?

  • You must have Valid Passport to apply.
  • You need to Submit Cover Letter and Resume.
  • Certificate of your qualification and work experience.
  • Current profile must be working.

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