The Bob Saget found Dead in the Ritz-Carlton Orlando

Bob Saget

Sunday, 9th January 2022, Bob Saget was found Dead in the hotel at the Ritz-Carlton hotel Orlando. Everyone is in shock to lose him as one of the best comedian-actor in the world, He has died at the age of 65. In America people also called him as a “full House” or ”fuller House” commedian star. So we lost “Full House” star Bob Saget in Ritz-Carlton hotel Orlando.

How did Bob Saget Die? Bob Saget Death Cause?

The Bob Saget born 17th May 1956 in Philadelphia United State and died on 9th January 2022 On Sunday, The Bob Saget found Dead in his room.

He was staying in the hotel Ritz-Carlton Orlando “Florida”, His death was confirmed by Orange Country Sheriff’s Office, which said that Mr.Saget Bob found unresponsive in his hotel rooms.

The main reason of his death was not known but there were no sign of any drung use.

Bob Saget wife and kids? How many wife have Bob Saget?

Late. Bob Saget current wife name is Kelly Rizzo, Mr Bob got married with her in 2018 and he has three daughter name is- Aubrey Saget, Jennifer Belle Saget and Lara Melanie Saget.

His Ex-wife name Sherri Kramer, They got married in 1982-1997, he has two sibling also and their name is – Gay Saget and Andrea Saget.

What is the Bob Saget’s Net worth ? Net worth of Bob Saget?

Mr. Bob Saget is an American Comedian actor and he debuted as a comedian in 1989 and he host American’s Funniest home video. Bob Saget His net worth at the time of death is $50 millions as per celebrity news. He was very famous in America as “Full House” comedian actor.

United State lost one of the best legendary comedian and everyone will mis Bob Saget.

Most Famous Movie and TV show of “Bob Saget”

The Bob Saget most famous TV show name is “Full House” he did 8 seasons of “Full House” Some very famous Movies and TV Shows are :-

Full House, Fuller House, America Funniest home video, How I met your mother, Dirty Work, Madagascar, New York Minute, etc.