How to Prevent Hair Loss Working On Cruise Ship | Hair Fall Solution

How to Prevent Hair Loss Working on Cruise Ship, So If you are working on a cruise ship or planning to work on a cruise ship then you must need to be concerned about your hair also. Working on a cruise ship or on Sea could be a big reason for your hair fall, Hair thinning, Hair Damage, Etc. Here I will give you a hair fall solution as per my personal onboard ship Experience that how you can prevent hair loss working on Cruise Ship.

This Hair Fall Solution will be on my Personal Onboard Ship Experience, I am working on a cruise ship since 2015 and I personally feel that lots of crew members are losing their beautiful hair while working on Cruise ships. So you must know the solution to hair fall before joining the cruise ship. And this will help you to prevent hair loss working on a cruise ship.

What is the Main Cause of Hair Fall | Reason for Hair Fall

The Main Reason for hair fall could be Alopecia, Heredity, Hormonal Change, Medical History, Aging, Wheather Change, Water Change, etc.

Hair Care Product:- Choosing a bad product for your hair like shampoo, Oil, Gel, etc. could be a big reason for your hair fall, hair thinning, and baldness.

In the market, there are many anti-hair fall shampoos, medicine but do not take anything without a doctor’s prescription.

Fresh Air:– If you work onboard a ship, You may not get fresh air all the time, So this is one of the reasons for hair fall.

Sea Water:- The Seawater is very bad for your hair onboard. If you are working on a cruise ship then you will have to take bath with seawater only which is the main reason for hair fall on a cruise ship.

Shower with Water:– If you are working on a cruise ship then you need to stay on board for seven to nine-month and you need to take a bath every day. Taking shower every day may damage your hair quality like hair thinning or hair fall because seawater is salted water and sometimes you will get only hot water in your cabin.

And hot water is very dangerous for your hair, So if you are on board then try to take shower with cold water only which helps you to keep safe your hair onboard.

While Working on Ships How You Can Protect Your Hair Fall?

Staying onboard for a few days like one or two weeks will not damage your hair, Like hair thinning, hair fall, etc.

But staying on board for 7-9 months can damage your hair because you can not take fresh air onboard all the time, you need to take shower with seawater only for your whole contract.

Your skins also get dull, did not grow, feel dryness on your skins because onboard you will have to stay inside the hotel for 7-9 months, You may get a chance to go outside of the
ship for a while only, If you are on port and you have off duty.

Advice:- If you are a crew member and working for a 7-9 months contract then whenever get a chance to take fresh air on board, grab it. The fresh air can help you to prevent hair fall from ship life.

Second- Try to avoid daily head washing, you can take shower daily but try to avoid head washing every day.

Here you can see how much hair I lost in the last four years as a seaman, When I join the crew ship, My hair density was nice and thick hair but after two years of my job, It start thinning and my hair fall.

My hair fall, Hair Transplant Journey and Shedding face after hair transplant Journey. One Month Condition of my Hair Transplant.
My Hair Transplant Journey

I lost lots of hair because of this life, So currently I took a Hair Transplant from Delhi India, Which I believe this one will help me out.

My Hair Transplant Journey

I was working on a cruise ship since 2015 and after two years I feel I am losing lots of hair but onboard I could not find any solution. So Now I took a hair transplant surgery and PRP also so that I can save my hair for at least 10-15 years more.

I did my hair transplant from Divine Cosmetic Clinic which cost me Rs.20 per graft. Before deciding on a hair transplant please do research on your behalf also because in the market there are many fraud clinics around.

If you want to talk to me then please comment below, I will reply as soon as possible, If you want to see my hair transplant journey then please search “Arun Hair Transplant” on YouTube.