Revolt Bike Battery Charging Cost|Revolt rv400 Review

Revolt bike

The revolt rv400 is one of the best and India’s first electric bikes, On-road price of revolt rv400 is varying as from state to state because some stay provides state subsidy. In Delhi, On-Road price of Revolt rv400 is Rs.1,28,798. State subsidy is Rs.16,200 and the booking amount of Revolt electric bike is Rs.19,999. Here we will get to know about revolt bike battery charging cost, weight, battery charging time, etc.

The on-road price of different state would be different because some of the state does not provide subsidy to their public like Goa.

Revolt Bike Battery Charging Cost

The battery of Revolt electric bike is 3kw which is very good for revolt bike. The revolt battery took four hours to full charge.

The battery get charge three units in one hours, So It will take 12 Units to get full battery charge.

Example:- 1 hrs= 3 units, So, 4hrs multiply 3 units = 12 units per day. So the revolt battery will be full charged with consumption of just 12 units.

Let assume one unit we are paying Rs. 5, So 12units*Rs.5= Rs.60

So, If you full charge daily, It will cost you Rs. 60

If you will compare to petrol bike then Revolt bike is far cheaper, currently petrol price is Rs.100+ in almost all city in the India. And one litter petrol you can not drive more then 30-40km If you have any sport look bike like Revolt.

But here you can drive 150km in full single charge in 1st mode, In second mode, You can drive 120km in full battery charge and In Third mode you can easily drive 80km, If your revolt battery is full charge.

Charging Facilities of Revolt RV400|How to Charge Revolt Battery

Revolt offers two different option for battery charging, one is portable charging option and second is home charging facility.

In portable charging facility you can remove the battery from the bike and take anywhere to charge it with 15A socket. If you use this method to charge the battery, It’s mean your physical work will be high.

In home facility charging facility, you can charge you revolt battery at your home without removing battery from the bike.

What is the Battery Weight of Revolt rv400

The Battery of Revolt rv400 is very heavy and It will be very difficult to charge, If anyone want to use portable method. The weight of Revolt battery is 21kg which is very heavy.

FAQ about Revolt Bike

Q.How much does it cost to charge a Revolt RV400?

Ans. It will cost you Rs.60 to full battery charge daily, and daily you can drive it up to 150km.

Q.How do you charge a revolt bike battery?

Ans. You can use two facilities to charge revolt battery, One is portable facility, In which you need to remove the battery from the bike and take anywhere to charge with 15A socket. Second method you can charge it at your home without removing the battery.

Q. Is Revolt battery Removable?

Ans. Yes, The Revolt battery is removable and it’s weight is 21kg.

Q. Does Revolt support fast charging?

Ans. No, The revolt electric bike does not support fast charging, It’s take 4hrs to get full charge of revolt bike battery.

Q. How many units does it take to charge a revolt battery?

Ans. In one hours it’s charge 3units only, So It’s take 12 units to charge a revolt battery.

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If you want to book revolt rv400 electric bike the please visit their official website to book revolt bike.