Can You Work On Cruise Ship If You Are Colorblind

Color blindness and Eyesight is two major medical condition for cruise ship crew or staff. If you want to work on a cruise ship then you will have to clear these two medical exams. Many of you have queries like can you work on a cruise ship If you are colorblind and here you are gonna find the solutions.

Eyesight weakness crew and staff can work on cruise ships or as a seafarer by using eyeglasses if your eye is not 6/6.

Onboard many crew members are using eyeglasses and working onboard for a long time. It depends on your eye weaknesses. If it is minor then well and good but If it’s major then it may be difficult to pass your medical exam.

If you are using any eyesight glasses then you must carry them while medical exam day to show the doctor. So a doctor can see it and verify it.

If you are suffering from colorblindness and you are thinking about cruise ship jobs, then it will be tough for you. If your colorblindness is minor then you may work on a cruise ship, but If your colorblindness is quite major then you will not pass your medical and you will not get a job on a cruise ship.

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Why you can not get cruise ship jobs If you are Colorblind

Color blindness is a major medical condition for seafarers and If you have colorblind then do not think about cruise ship jobs because of safety reasons.

Even you will get hired by a cruise company but while your medical exam If you cough as a colorblind then the cruise company will not take you on board.

On-Board Safety is a major concern because at sea your life is at high risk and they do not want to take any risk because of colorblind crew or staff on board.

Safety is the first priority on board and most of the emergency signals are given by voice-over and by signals, like fire signal, medical signal, Emergency Exit signal, etc.

On-Board has many emergency signals like man over boat, fire signal, medical signal, Abandon ship signal, General Emergency signal, etc. These are the very common signals have on board and If you are onboard then you must be very familiar with all these signals.

To prevent any kind of emergency on board the ships do mock emergency safety drills so that all the crew will be trained with their duty and responsibility in case of any kind of emergency.

During the mock drill, all the services are stopped for the guest and staff to prevent any mistakes during the emergency drill.

I believe you must know, what is colorblindness and eyesight weakness?

If you are not able to identify the difference between colors like red, yellow, green, blue, etc. then you have colorblindness. The possibility of colorblindness is minor as well as major.

If you think you will join cruise ship jobs by using colorblind contact lenses then you are very wrong because you will not clear your medical with colorblind contact lenses.

Colorblindness is not yet listed as a disability but still many of the jobs you can not join If you have colorblindness.

This colorblindness you will found in male, 99 out of 100 but in female It is very very rare.

Many good jobs do not take colorblind people like Marchand navy, cruise ship, military, Airforce, etc.

Eyesight weakness means your eye is not 6/6 and you are not able to see clearly from near or far. If you have this kind of medical condition then you can work on a cruise ship but you will have to use your eyeglasses.

But very important thing is that while going for the medical exam please carry your eyeglasses to verify the doctors and then they will certify you for cruise ship jobs.

The colorblindness test name for seafarers is called the “Ishihara” test which is mandatory for all the crew members.

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