Yesterday The Carnival Breeze announced that they are sending their Indonesian and Philippines crew at home in personal Carnival charter plane. The Company plan their strategy and implement on it, they send a mail to all the cruise ship admin on board and mentioned that we need to send all the crew to their home till further notice by our personal charter plane.

The Carnival breeze announced that they are sending their Indonesian and Philippines crew to home in Carnival Personal Charter Flight.

The Philippines and Indonesian crew are going home first just because the number of crew from these country are too many that is why going home first, After that they will send others country crew also like Indian, Croatia, Romania, Peru, Jamaica etc.

They brief them clearly to all crew till further notice all the crew are going home and it will be not paid leave for every one either they join us a week ago or since we are serving, they said company policies are equal to everyone and we are very happy to see you lovely crew as soon as this pandemic will over till the time go home and stay healthy.

The Carnival Cruise Line sending home to their crew in Carnival Personal Charter Plane because till now their is no hope how to stop this pandemic Corona virus and nobody know in future what will happen so its better to send all the crew at their love one.

They took this decision because if crew will stay on board then they will have to pay salary which is really a good numbers apart from salary company need to provide all the facilities on board like food, laundry, Internet, water, medical facilities etc. After providing all the facilities they are still on high risk zone .

At Yesterday’s 26 march 2020 on board meeting with Carnival Breeze Hotel Director and Captain, The Philippines and Indonesian crew were informed that they are going home in The Carnival charter plane, They said the crew will be taken by bus from Orlando to Miami airport with Carnival representative. They said this plan will be execute next week Monday and Tuesday, a team of Carnival representative will be at airport to help crew members.

The Captain said that the first group will disembarkation who’s contract already expire or it is in next month, it means every one will sign off but in a group. They said The Philippines crew will get flight till Manila and the Indonesian crew will get till Bali and Jakarta.

After this announcement all the crew from other ship of carnival and other cruise company are also looking for some kind of announcement, They hoping and living their life, The Crew are praying to god that God Please help us.

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