The Center for Disease Control and Prevention announced on Thursday April 9, 2020 the extension of no sail order for all the cruise ships.

CDC Director Robert Redfield release a statement that we are working with the cruise line industries address the health and safety of crew members at sea as well as communities surrounding the United State cruise ships.

We need to take this strict decision to stop the spread of the COVID-19 to protect Americans. The no sail order for all the cruise ships reinforces the strong action by President Donald Trump and the White House COVID-19 task force to reduce the spread of virus in the United state.

The CDC( Center For Disease Control and Prevention) has reas0n to believe that the cruise ship travel may continue to transmit/ introduce or spread COVID-19.

On March 13, 2020 the CDC announced no sail cruise ships order for next 30 days but the current situation of COVID-19 is out of control and did not find any solution. They were expecting to resume to service on April 10, 2020 during his first announcement on March 13, 2020.

No Sail Order for All The Cruise Ship

On April 9, 2020 the CDC announces modifications and extension of No Sail Order for All Cruise ships in the fleet. They are expecting to continue to service on May 2020 if every thing will be under control otherwise it may extend again for further notice.

If you want to see the modifications and extension of No Sail Order of All Cruise Ships then click here to find the attachment.

They said in the last few week around 10 cruise ship reported crew members or guest tested positive of corona-virus and experienced respiratory system illness. And approximately 100 of cruise ships remaining at sea on anchor with around 80,000 crew on board.

The cruise ships operators are not allow to embark or dis embark any crew members or guest at port or station, except as directed by United State Coast Guard in consultation with CDC personnel, until further notice. While on port, cruise ship operators shall observe health precautions directed by HHS/CDC personnel.

Action taken by Cruise Company

Most of the cruise company are trying to repatriate their crew members to home back as many as non-essential on board. And they are expecting to resume on service on May 2020. Most of the cruise company are already announced that they may be resume on service on May 12, 2020. They are also not sure exactly when will back to service but they took a time period till May 11, 2020 if everything will be normal then we can resume on May 12, 2020. Like Royal Caribbean Cruise Ltd., Norwegian Cruise Line, Carnival Cruise Line etc.

So if we come to conclusion about when cruise industries will resume to service? see if i guess no one know about the exact date of resuming cruise line for service. They are just taking an expectation of time period to resume of service. Everyone is looking for the solution of COVID-19, till the time we do not have any solution of global pandemic, it is very hard to say when cruise industries will be back.

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