At the beginning I would let to know, here you will find two different definitions for cruise line age requirements or cruise line age policies. One for guest who is looking for the voyage and another for crew members who is really passionate to work on cruise ships. But most of then have lots of questions like what is the minimum age to work on cruise ships? what is the maximum age limit to work on cruise ships? Everything related to cruise line age requirements is here and I believe once you go through this article you do not have to look for others.


So first I would like to explain to those who are looking for cruise jobs and he/she is very confused about age policy on ships. And then I move forward for guests who want to go cruising with their kids or someone wants to go alone but they do not have any idea about cruise line age policy. So no need to worry here you will find your answers.


So as of now I have more than 6 years of experience and I would like to clear you, there is no maximum age requirement to work onboard. It’s my personal experience, and I have work with people who are plus 40, 45 of their age and if we talk about ship captain, hotel director then they are mostly 50 plus.

But yes if you are looking for cruise ship jobs and it is your first time then you will have to below 35/36 years old. Because most of the cruise companies are looking for younger crew members so that they can work for a long time on board. Like once you are selected then you will have to work for a minimum of 6-8 months with no day off this is the reason they want younger crew.

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It does not mean you are plus 35 years then you are not eligible for cruise ship jobs, of course, you can apply but you need to prove yourself that you are medically fit, you are mentally fit, you are physically very fit for work on board.

When you will be on board, you will find an average crew members are between 25-45 years old working together. This is the reason if you are looking for jobs in hotel departments like Restaurant, Bar, guest service, etc. then you will have to between 21-35 years old.


Most of the cruise company (like Norwegian, Royal Caribbean, Carnival, etc.) have minimum age requirement is 21 years old( as of the day the ship set sail). If you are 21 years old then you are an eligible candidate to work onboard otherwise you are not. But here some of the cruise companies have minimum age limit is 18 years old it depends on company to company.

The minimum age required to work onboard is actually higher than what is required by International Labour Low. You can see the Maritime Labour Convention 2006. If you are under 21 years old then you can ask with hiring partners during your interview. Most of the cruise companies mention their requirement eligibility for the crew before release their vacancies.

Now I can say this is the myth of age requirement for Cruise ship jobs and I believe you got your answer regarding age requirement for Cruise Ship Jobs. I hope this article helps you out, If you think this is helpful for you please comment me down or let me know any improvement do I need.


The cruise line age policies are very essential information for cruising families and young adults looking to sail on their own. Most of the cruise companies ( Norwegian, Carnival, Royal Caribbean etc.) have almost similar age policies for babies, younger, adult, and exceptions.

These all cruise companies will let you know about all the policies on board like alcohol policies, onboard venues with age restrictions, the rule for cruising alone, the minimum age to leave the ship on your own, the minimum age to cruise, etc.

Alcohol Policies:

All these cruise companies have a minimum 21 year old for alcohol policies. If you are younger than 21 and you going to buy an alcoholic drink than the server will ask you an identity card that certified your age proof. Passengers under 21 never get any alcoholic drink which is against the alcohol policies.

Onboard venues with age restrictions:

  • 1. Passengers younger than 16 can not use the gym/fitness center and must be accompanied by an adult or parents.
  • 2. Passengers must be 18 years old or older to use the spa and casino, if you are younger than 18 most probably you are not allowed to enter the casino.
  • 3. Passengers under 21 are not allowed to attend the night club past 11:00 pm but if you are 21 or older than you are most welcome to the night club.

Minimum age to cruise:

The minimum age to cruise babies must be six years old to sail, and the minimum age is 12 months to sail. if babies are younger then 6 months than they will not allow to sail because of the safety purpose of babies and babies mothers.

Rule for cruise alone:

The rule for cruising alone is 21 years, passengers must be 21 years old to travel on their own. Passengers under 21 years old must be travel with adult-like parents or guardians. Passengers 21 years old are legally authorized to stay on board and do whatever he/she wants to do can do. There are no restrictions for passengers 21 years old.

Minimum age to leave the ship:

Passengers must be 18 years old or older to go for shore excursion or outside of the ship alone. if passengers are younger than 18, he/she will have to go with their parents or guardians. If parents are not with the passengers under 18 than the security will never allow them to go for shore side.

At least one adult in the cabin:

Passengers traveling with kids or families must have at least one adult person in the cabin for kids safety. Two kids can not stay in the same cabin without parents or guardians or they can stay with connecting doors cabin with single room key.

So this is the myth of Cruise Line Age Requirements, I hope this article is helpful for you and I believe after this reading you will not have to look for another article. If possible for you please feel free to comment and let me know for any improvement in this article.

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