Cruise Ship Photography Jobs, Salary

If you are really passionate to work on a Cruise ship and you know the technique of Photography then you are a good candidate for Cruise Ship Jobs. But If you don’t know how to find Cruise Ship Photography Jobs, Salary, etc then no need to worry. Today you will get to know everything about Cruise Ship Jobs like the salary of a cruise ship photography jobs, duty, and responsibility, age requirement of cruise ship photography jobs, etc.

Cruise Ship Photography Jobs, Salary

Cruise Ship Photographer Age Limit

See working on a cruise ship is very grateful but before you apply for cruise ship jobs you need to fulfill the needs of the requirement for cruise jobs like Age, Experience, Medical fitness, Criminal record, etc.

Minimum Age Limit for Cruise Ship Jobs

A minimum age limit to work on a Cruise ship is 21 years old, If you are 21 years old then you are eligible to apply for Cruise ship Jobs.

Some of the hiring agencies can offer to join at the age of 18 or 20 but in this case please careful with the Scam job offer. As of now the minimum age limit to work on Cruise Ship is 21 years old.

Maximum Age Limit for Cruise Ship Jobs

The maximum age limit for cruise ship jobs is a myth, most people don’t know about the maximum age limit for cruise ship jobs.

If you have a talent and you want to work on a cruise ship as a crew member/staff then you are most welcome to apply anytime from anywhere.

Working on a Cruise ship as a crew is no any Maximum Age Limit, You can apply at any point of your age, if you are willing to work and medically fit for work then you can apply.

It’s my personal experience on board, I used to work with international crew members in my team as well.

Onboard you will find a majority of crew members are between 25-45 years age limit. Few crew members are younger and some of most senior staff like Captain, Staff Captain, Chief Engineer, Hotel Director, F & B Director, etc.

So there is no Maximum Age Limit to work on a Cruise Ship and Minimum Age limit to work on a Cruise ship is 21 years old.

Experience Required for Cruise Ship Jobs

If you want to work on a cruise ship then you should have a minimum of two years of relevant experience. Your experience should be 4 or 5-star hotels.

If you have previous Cruise Ship Job experience then it is a good opportunity for you. They always preferred previous cruise ship experience crew members but if they don’t have previous cruise ship experience then no need to worry.

Qualifications to work on a cruise Ship

If you want to work on a cruise ship as a photographer then you should be 10th pass, Minimum qualification to work on a cruise ship is 10th pass but if you have a higher education then it’s good for you. If you have higher education like 12th pass or degree or diploma in photography then it a very good opportunity for your profile.

Cruise Ship Contracts Length

Of course if you are thinking about cruise ship jobs then you should know about your contract length, What is the contract length to working on a cruise ship?

Contract length is depend upon company to company and position to position. Most of the the cruise company offer an average contract period is 6-8 month if you are not working on higher level position.

Higher-level positions have a 3-4 month contract like Ship Captain, Staff Captain, Doctor, Hotel Director, F&B Director, etc.

Promotion working as a Photographer

Everyone wants to grow in their life and if you are joining cruise ship as a photographer then you should know about your nest position and how long it will take to reach for the next level.

If you join as a photographer then most probably will not get promotion in your 1st contract, there is a chance to get promotion in your 2nd contract if your performance is good in last contract.

It also depends on your last evaluation. Your boss will look at your previous evaluation before giving a promotion to you.

Duty hours on a cruise ship

Duty hours on a cruise ship is very different from your land job. If you work on a cruise ship then you may work straight but when you working on a cruise ship job then you will have to work on break shift normally.

Most of the crew members work a minimum of 10 hours a day if it is a port day(if ship stays somewhere for shore) But if it is a Sea day( Ship is away from the port and heading toward the destination) then you may need to starch yourself till 12 to 14 hours.

How Much do Cruise Ship Jobs pay for Photographer

Salary of a photographer on cruise ships depends on company to company, the different company has different salary like the big brand( NCL, RCL, MSC, RCCL, and Carnival) have average salary $1200 USD.

Some of the company pay very less for photographer if company is not big, I am not gonna take a name of any company but you can understand.

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Duty and Responsibility for Cruise Ship Job as a Photographer

For photographer is not really easy to manage the work like if you are photographer the you will have to work On Board as well Off Board.

If ship is sailing then you need to work onboard like you will have to do photography in different dining area, different bar area, Casino, etc.

If there is any formal night party or any thyme party then photographer need to click pics from there. Some of the Cruise ship captain give welcome party to their guest then you will have to click pics there.

While embarkation you will have to stay in gangway with your team mate to click the picture of guest during boarding on ship.

Off-Board: If ship is standing on port then photographer need to stay next to ship with group of team members to click the photo of lovely guest.

One of the photographer need to wear some attractive costume to attract the kids or their parent so that they can come for photography as much as possible. One of the photographer also need to go for shore side to click the pics if guest are going in a group with shore excursion team.

Apart from this you need to know about printing and processing, You should have a quality to sell the photo and photo product to the guest as well.

Documents required for Cruise Ship Job

  • You should have Passport to apply for cruise ship jobs.
  • You can make all the document once you are selected like:
  • Safety Certificate that is STCW.
  • CDC ( Continuous Discharge Certificate)
  • Medical
  • C1D Visa
  • PCC( Police Clearance Certificate)

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