Difference Between Carnival Joining Letter and Letter of Employment

What is the difference between the Carnival Joining Letter and the Letter of Employment, It’s very simple and you need to understand that the letter of employment will offer you an appointment that confirms your assignment but does not mention the date of joining and the port of Joining? In the Joining Letter will be mentioned your joining date, from which port you are going to join the ship, and your name and position with crew ID. This is the basic difference between a carnival joining letter and a letter of employment.

Carnival Cruise Line Letter Of Employment | Carnival LOE

Carnival Cruise Line Letter of Employment is a very essential document that gives the guarantee of employment with the company. The LOE contains the company logo with the brand name on the top with the address and date you will receive your letter of employment. It’s also defined that you are a New Hired crew or you are a Returning Crew.

How Difference between Norwegian Cruise Line Letter Of Employment from Carnival.

This LOE will get all the other detail like which ship you will join from where you will join, apart from your name as per passport with crew ID, and which position you will join the ship.

Only on behalf of a letter of employment, you can not get your C1D visa because LOE is not a complete document for Visa. Once you will appear for a C1D visa in front of the US Consulate then you need to bring your passport, CDC, LOE, and very important is Joining Letter.

Without a Joining letter, you can appear for a visa interview but you will not get a visa because of the joining letter. The US Consulate will ask you to visit the nearest VAC with a joining letter and submit it with your passport.

You do not need to make an appointment and do not need to pay the visa fee again, the US consulate will give you a letter, which needs to carry along with your Passport and Joining Letter.

Carnival Cruise Line Joining Letter | Carnival Joining Letter Format

Carnival cruise line joining letter also known as Bonafide letter or Guarantee Letter, which mentioned that you are an employee of Carnival Cruise Line. The joining letter mentioned your ship assignment ( Carnival Sunrise) on which date and year you are going to join and from which port you will join.

In the joining letter, they will mention your crew ID, your full name as per passport, your Nationality, and which position you are going to join the company.

The joining letter is one of the most important for the crew or staff of a carnival cruise line, you can not join a ship without a joining letter, you will never get your visa without a joining letter. If you were not able to submit your joining letter at the time of the C1D visa Interview then the US Consulate will hold your visa process until you submit it.

Q. What is LOE in Cruise?

Ans. LOE means Letter of Employment, which guarantees that the cruise Company hired you.

Q. How Long are Carnival Contract?

Ans. Carnival contract is minimum 3-8 months contract, it depends on the position to position, Some of the officers work for 3 months and then go vacation for 6-8 week. But all the crew members work for 8 months and go on vacation for 10-12 weeks.

Q. Who is the highest-paid person on a cruise ship?

Ans. The Ship Captain, Hotel Director, Cruise Director, Staff Captain, Executive Chef, and Food and Beverage Director.

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