Hair Transplant Cost in Delhi |Why Hair Transplant Spensive

Hair Transplant cost in the Delhi is depends on various factors like Method of hair transplant (FUE/FUT), Number of grafts, Qualification and Experience of Doctor and Team, Special Instrument use in hair Transplant, Location of Clinic, PRP and Other Facilities, Direct Hair Implantation Technique.

What are the Method of Hair Transplant?

How method of hair transplant is vary cost of hair transplant in the India, Lets see the below:-

So Currently there is two type of hair transplant is famous in the India, One is FUE and Second is FUT. FUE means Follicular Unit Extraction and FUT means Follicular Unit Transplant.

In FUE hair transplant procedure, Doctor extract the graft from donner area by punching method one by one and then make Slit on implantation area. After harvesting of graft the doctors and team implant the graft on bald area as per the requirement.

FUE hair transplant method are less expensive compare to FUT and DHI hair transplant method.

But in FUT hair transplant procedure, Doctor extract the Strip of hair from donner area and the strip slivering to graft dissection and after that graft Implantation as per requirement on bald area.

FUT hair transplant method is more expensive then FUE method but less expensive then DHI hair transplant method.

DHI:- DHI means Direct Hair Implantation, this is also one of the hair transplant method in which special instrument are involved like robotic and laser. In DHI hair transplant procedure robot are involved and at the same time hair extract from donner area and implant the graft on bald area.

Direct Hair Implantation method is quite expensive comparative to FUE or FUT hair transplant method because In DHI robot are involved.

How Number of Graft vary the Cost of Hair Transplant in the India?

Cost of hair transplant is depend of number graft gonna use in your hair transplant area, because an average cost of hair transplant in the India is Rs.20-50 per graft but there are many clinic have their own fees criteria like Rs.10 to Rs.400 per graft.

So for example we assume you need 2500 graft and you rate is Rs.25 per graft then your hair transplant cost will be 2500*25=Rs.62500 plus medicine approx Rs.3000 and blood test before hair transplant approx Rs.3000-5000.

Doctor and Team for Hair Transplant

How doctors and team are involved to make hair transplant cheap or costly, If the doctor and technicians are well experience then they gonna charge you high but there will be a very high chance of good hair transplant result.

If the doctors and team does not have well experience then may be your hair transplant cost will be little cheaper, and here have a chance to average hair transplant result. It could be a good result but there is also a chance of hair transplant failure.

So before hair transplant please research about doctor and team, Also try to see some previous results by doctor done transplant in past.

Disclaimer- Never vo for hair transplant with zero experience or unknown doctor in the market, It may cause of death because hair transplant is a very sensitive treatment and only qualified doctors are allowed to do this treatment.

Before My Hair Transplant and after 5 Month of Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant Clinics

Hair transplant clinics also vary the price of hair transplant, A well known clinics must have multiple chain of hair transplant clinics , Name or brand in different city or states but a individual clinic does not have anythings like that.

Location of hair ttransplant clinic also vary the price of hair transplant, If a clinic have in matro city then price will be high but a clinic have in out of matro city then the price will be low.

Price of hair transplant also depend upon size of clinic like a small size of clinic may gonna charge you less but a large size of clinic may gonna charge you high.

PRP and Others Facilities

So If you are goining for hair transplant then must confirmed first that the clinic is going to provide you any PRP and others facility or not because this is also effect you cost of hair transplant.

Long Procedure of Hair Transplant

Hair transplant is a really very long process treatment because it’s include shaving/trimming of hair transplant area, Extraction of hair graft, harvesting of graft and then implantation of hair graft this is one of the main reason to why hair transplant is expensive.

CONCLUSION :- If you are planing for hair transplant then please do not prefer a very cheap clinics like Rs. 10, 15, 18, etc. I will suggests you to take little more time for your hair transplant but choose at least Rs. 20-40 per graft, these range of clinic must have a good experience for hair transplant and you can trust on them for better hair result.

9 Month and 15 days Result of My hair transplant

I have done my hair transplant from a clinic charge me Rs20 per graft and I am very happy with my result. Today is my 10 month of hair transplant and you can see the result of mine. Here is my three month hair transplant result.

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