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Anyone can Apply for Carnival Cruise Line from anywhere in the world like the Philippines, India, Indonesia, UAE, USA, China, Croatia, Serbia, Nepal, Etc. Simply you need to visit and then you can choose onboard jobs or Land base jobs you need. For better understand you can watch the video below.

Carnival Careers

  • Step1- You need to Create your profile on the Carnival Crew Portaland need to upload your resume.
  • Step2- Once your profile gets selected, Then the company will invite you for an Audio-Video interview. Include 5-8 questions like Basics, Situation Handling, Conditions, and Current Profile related. It takes 1-2 weeks to result come out.
  • Step3- If you cleared Audio-Video Interview then you will move forward for a Personal and Final round Interview, Where a pannel can ask you anything related to your job profile like your current company, Why do you want to join Carnival Cruise Line, Why did you Left Previous Company, etc. Most of the time, they will let you know whether You got selected or not.
  • Step4- If you get selected then the company will send you an offer later which mentioned your profile details and salary. They will send you Rose Portal Link to update your every moment Like Personal details, Passport, Uniform, Medical, C1D Visa, STCW Certificates, etc.

Before your C1D Visa interview, you need to complete all the processes so that the Company will send you LOE. On the Behalf of LOE, you can Apply for Visa Appointment.

Medical Fees for Carnival Cruise Line Jobs

Medical depends on company requirements, PEME consists Approx $90 USD, If you are not vaccinated with MMR and Hepatitis A then you may need to pay $20-30 USD more. Carnival needs 2 Dose of MMR, and 2 Dose of Covid Vaccinated certificates.

So Medical fees for cruise ship jobs will be approx $100 USD to $120 USD, Which depends on company to company requirements.

The medical test is getting more difficult day by day, especially after covid, Before 3-4 years back the medical test and requirement was very easy and less but now really very tough and hard to clear the medical test. The cruise ship medical is like Army medical test.

C1D Visa Fees

The C1D Visa fee is $160 USD which you need to pay through a bank challan, You can not pay cash or any UIP payment for the Visa fee. If anyone asking for cash or UPI as a Visa fee then be aware of Fraud happening around the world.

Once you have done all the documentation process then you need to process for the fly to join the ship.

The flight tickets you need to do yourself for the Carnival Cruise Line and this amount will nor refundable onboard.

While going from home to join the ship for the first time you need to pay for flight tickets. After that, you do not need to pay for nest travel from ship to home or home to ship.

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