How to Get Rid of a Diaper Rash in 24 hours

Diaper rash is a major and serious issue to spoil your newborn baby day and night, So here we will get to know what diaper rash is, and how to get rid of a diaper rash in 24 hours. The baby rash looks like a very small thing but it is very serious for infants. The baby rash can give discomfort to the born baby. The baby rash can make cry your Infant.

What is the reason for the Diaper Rash? | What Causes Diaper Rash?

There are many reasons for diaper rash of Infant or newborn babies like:-

  • The topmost reason for diaper rash is too many times urine and stool in diapers without frequent changes.
  • Sometimes it causes of using bad quality Diapers for your infant.
  • If infant skin stays longer in contact with urine or stool then this is a big reason for diaper rash.
  • So if you are not taking a quick decision to cure diaper rash then it is a high chance to lead the skin infections for newborn baby.
  • Sometimes you feel lazy to change the baby diaper or you may think that will change later, this is also a reason for diaper rash.
  • You can not make any time frame to change the diaper like 2 hours or 3 hours etc. So you must need to use a good quality diaper for an infant.
  • If your baby is suffering from loose motion or diarrhea, there is a high chance of diaper rash.
  • Your baby can get a bacterial or yeast infection If you leave wet diapers for too long.

How to Avoid Diaper Rash | How to Prevent Diaper Rash

Now you will know that how we can prevent the diaper rash of your lovely baby so that your infant can live a happy life without pain.

  • If you are using any diaper then stop using then and there until your baby gets rid of diaper rash and after that use a good quality diaper for your infant.
  • If you are changing the diaper of your baby then you must need to wash your hand with soap and keep clean and dry before changing a diaper.
  • If your baby did loo then clean with a gentle hand instead of rubbing and use little warm water to wash it.
  • After cleaning the baby loo, keep dry and let breathe the private area of your infant.
  • If you are using any formula milk then please stop feeding then and there. Instead of formula milk use mother milk to feed the baby.
  • If somehow the baby mother is not able to feed her milk then use Lactose and Sucrose free milk for the baby.
  • You can give tender coconut water also to your baby, 3-4 time every day till your baby get well.
  • Lactose and Sucrose free milk is for infant milk substitutes.
  • Lactose and Sucrose milk is free from Lactose and Sucrose for better acceptance in diarrhea.

Best Diaper Rash Cream | Best Diaper Rash Treatment

There is multiple diaper rash cream in the market, but here I will suggest you those only I have used it for my Infant.

Before I Let you know the name of the diaper rash cream, I would like to let you know how I get rid of diaper rash and baby pain within an overnight.

The first action I took to stop giving formula milk that is NESTLE LECTOGEN NUMBER 1.

I stop using a baby diaper that is MAMY POKO PANTS.

I stop using wet wipes to clean my baby and that is HIMALAYA Gentle Baby wipes.

IMPORTANT:- Here If you want to get rid of diaper rash overnight then use AQUAPHOR healing Ointment baby cream to prevent diaper rash.

But If you are looking for some cheaper and best solution then use BABY RASH cream which contains “Zinc Oxide, Cetrimide, Calamine, Dimethicone, and Chlorocresol cream.

And trust me these two creams are one of the best creams to get rid of diaper rash within 24 hours.

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