My Three Months Hair Condition After FUE Hair Transplant

Hello Everyone I have done my hair transplant recently and today I will share my three-month hair condition after fue hair transplant. What medicine I am taking and how long I will have to take it, What is my diet plan after my hair transplant. My one-month condition of hair transplant, Two months of hair condition after hair transplant, etc. Everything I will share here. So please read the whole article.

So I had done my FUE hair transplant on 20 Feb-2022 and today is 25th May 2022, On this situation, I can see my hair transplant condition that it starts growing my transplanted hair.

Compare to existing hair growth is slower than transplanted hair but the best thing is it’s growing day by day better.

Medicine After Hair Transplant |Is It Necessary to Take Medicine After Hair Transplant

Once you have done your hair transplant then you may get some medicine like painkillers and antibiotics to prevent infection and will help you to recover faster.

These medicines you will have to take for 5 to 7 days only. Once you have done one month of a hair transplant then you may take more medicine to prevent hair fall or which will help you to boost your hair.

The medicine I am taking to prevent my hair fall and these medicine help to boost my hair growth also.

  • Callithrix:- Callithrix is a multi Vitamins tablet that consists of Biotin, Green Tea Ext. , Borage Seed, Calcium D Pantothenate, Micro-Nutrients, Minerals, Amino Acids, Serenoa Repens Ext. with Vitamins Tablets. This biotin needs to take every day before sleep.
  • Finasteride Tablets:- This is the second medicine I am taking to prevent my hair fall and help to regrow my hair. Finasteride needs to take every day one tablet after a meal.
  • Minoxidil and Finasteride Topical Solution:- This is the minoxidil I am using since one month after my hair transplant, MXD-F Topical Solution 5%. I need to apply twice daily on transplanted areas with the drop and rubbing method.

If you are working overseas then how you can protect your hair fall, When I was working on cruise ship, I feel these are the main reason for my hair fall.

Common Questions After Hair Transplant

How long do I have to take medicine after a hair Transplant?

Ans. If you want to see good results then you need to take medicine for at least 9-12 months, People get results without medicine but Medicine will give you a much better result of your hair transplant.

Hair Transplant on EMI.

Ans. There are many doctors and clinics doing hair transplants on EMI but be very careful before choosing a hair transplant clinic, Because there are many fraud clinics which doing hair transplants at cheaper prices from the market. So do personal research before choosing any clinic.

Is Hair Transplant Permanently?

Ans. Hair Transplant is a process of extraction of hair from one place and restoration of another place from any part of the body. Apart from hair transplant, there is no way to grow hair in the bold area of the head So I believe hair transplant is a Permanent solution for Hair.

Is Hair Transplant painful?

Ans. Hair transplant could be done by FUE or FUT technique, both technique is totally different from hair extraction from the donor area. In FUE, doctors extract individual grafts but In FUT, Doctors extract a strip from the donor area. So I personally feel little pain while giving Anesthesia before a hair transplant but after that, there is no pain anymore.

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