The Norwegian cruise line one of the best cruise line in the fleet. The NCL really care to their guest as well their lovely crew. They running total 17 ship in the fleet and they decided to extend their sailing till 10th may 2020.

Operation update: They said that your safety is our number one priority both on and off our ships. They said due to the current global environment, we voluntarily suspended sailings across our fleet through April 11,2020.

Today, the situation is worst globally so we are extending this suspension till May 10,2020 with plans to relaunch cruise operations with embarkation beginning May 11,2020. They said we are thinking of each and every one of you, and together we will return to our favorite place.

The Norwegian Cruise Line is number one free style cruise in the world. Who has a vision for their guest to eat and drink any time any where on board with no restriction. I mean to say let feel free to our guest to voyage with us on board.

The Norwegian Cruise Line is a free style cruise it means there is no restriction of any specific uniform for dinning on board. People can have any time any where on board with friends and family.

For the Norwegian Cruise Line always have first priority of guest, second is their lovely staff and third company. This is why the NCL extend their suspension till May 10, 2020. They said till the time stay home stay safe both of us and of course crew as well.

Conclusion: See i personally believe that safety should be always on first priority for every one and the company took a great decision on time. which is really good for us: the company, guest and crew member.

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