Princess, Seabourn & H. America Plan to Repatriate Crew

Today morning six ships close to each other exchanging a large number of crew members to repatriate them. The Princess, Seabourn & Holand America plan to repatriate crew members to Europe, Africa, Asia, and Canada. One of the Princess Cruise Ship will head this journey rest five will stay in the same position.

Princess, Seabourn & H. America Plan to Repatriate Crew

Due to air travel restriction, Princess Cruise Line along with Holand America and Seabourn have actioned a repatriation plan to sail all crewmembers home to Europe, Africa, Asia, and Canada. The safety officers of Sky Princess appreciate all the crew members who continue working hard to take care of everyone who remains on board to get them safely home.

Raffaele G. Ansante, Sky Princess Safety Officer said ” We did something incredible, Something no one ever could think of, Something you have never been trained for, but we did!

I personally thing the management of Princess, Seabourn and Holand America took a good decision to repatriate all the crew members of Europe, Africa, Asia, and Canada because until now no one knows about when they will sail again for service.

CDC Announced No Sail Order

The CDC( Center for Disease Control and Prevention) already announced the modification of suspension for No Sail Order for All the Cruise Ships. Earlier most of the Cruise company announced a suspension for one month only until April 11, 2020, and were expecting to resume on service April 12, 2020 but due to global pandemic they modified it.

On April 9, 2020, the CDC announced No sail Order for all the Cruise Ships in the fleet until further noticed then all the Cruise Ships modified their suspension and they extend for one more month until May 10, 2020.

But recently they modified again on their suspension order and now they extend all the service until June 30, 2020, and expecting to resume on service on July 1, 2020. I believe we are not sure that they will be back on service on July 1, 2020 because of COVID-19 global pandemic.

So I believe this decision taken by Princess, Seabourn, and Holand America is quite good to repatriate all the crew members because I think we need to wait until the solution of coronavirus. It is not easy to resume on service with this global pandemic so stay home, stay safe.


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