How to Track US Visa Status | CEAC Visa Status Check

How to track US Visa Status Online if you have just done your visa interview with the consulate and they kept your passport then how you can track your US Visa status online.

  • You need to visit or Consular Electronic Application Center.
  • Here you will find another page called Visa Status Check.
  • Here you need to choose Visa Application Type.
  • 1. Immigrant Visa, and 2. Non-Immigrant Visa.
  • Suppose I select Non-immigrant Visa, then
  • Select your Visa application center location and country.
  • Here you need to put your application ID or case number.
  • The Application ID you can find on your DS-160 form.
  • After that enter, the captcha code shows on your screen, and press enter.

Here you will find your visa application Status, which is Administrative Process or Approved or Refused. If It’s Show an Administrative process then need to wait until the process gets done.

After the Administrative Process, It will show Approved or Refused. If your visa status gets Refused then you need to check the reason for refusal, It could be anything, Like Documents missing, a DS-160 form filled wrong, or they may have any doubt regarding your profile, Miss match your details as per your passport, etc.

In Some cases, you may need to wait until 1-6 months of time to get approved your visa, if your documents are missing then they will put you in 221g. If your application is on 221g then you need to submit your missing documents as soon as possible to your nearest VFS.

What is 221g Appointment?

what do you mean by 221g, It means very important information is missing from an application. It could be any documents missing, like a Letter of Appointment, Joining Letter, etc. Sometimes It might be wrong filled the DS-160 form.

What happens If you get 221g?

221g means your visa is put on hold until they finished your additional administrative process get done. 221g means your visa is not rejected nor accepted, they need some more information about you and your company.

The Letter get from US Consulate

Do I need an Appointment for 221g?

If you put on 221g then you do not need an appointment for Visa Application Center, You may get a letter from the United State Consulate which will mention the missing information. You just need to carry your Missing documents or information with a letter that you got from US Consulate and need to visit the nearest VAC.

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