As COVID-19 continues to impact global health and commerce, so we are planing to repatriate as many as possible non-essential crew back home. Due to the longer time out of the operation and still have no idea when will resume to service.

They announced that they will send home to the Philippines and Indonesian crew members by charter flight. The Philippines till Manila and Indonesian till Jakarta and Bali.

But for the Indian crew members we need to find other solution because in the India is in full lock down and nobody is allowed to enter in the India from outside India.

The company said that we are very thank full to the god that the staff on board is very good heath condition and we did not find any positive case of COVID-19 so far. And it is very important to find the best and most fair approach for the lovely crew members.

Aida Announces Crew Compensation

The company announced most important thing for crew members.They said the crew who will be send home earlier than one month before the contract expire will receive full payment until disembarkation. And they will get additional two month basic salary as well.

And for the crew who has expired contract and unable to go home because of the travel restrictions like India, China etc. The company will keep them as a working crew members and they will pay a basic salaries.

The crew members which will stay on board will work as a reduced schedule 6 to 8 hours a day and they will get one off per week. As we know we do not have guest on board but we still need to maintain the policy of the company.

Aida is a German Cruise Line Company and safety is our number one priority- both on and off our ships. Due to the current global situation it is very important to take action against it and keep our guest and crew safe and healthy.

CDC announced No Sail Order for All Cruise ships