Which bank is best for international transactions in India

When it’s come to international transactions, you must need the best bank to transfer your money hassle-free. There are many banks in the market including private banks but which one is best to send money in India.

So guys, If you have any bank account like HDFC, ICICI, SBI, AXIS, or any other bank you need a beneficiary name, IFSC code, Account number, and Swift code for safe and quick transfer.

How to find the swift code of the bank?

The Swift code is a very important code for international transactions, So you need swift code from your bank. You can get this swift code from bank managers or you can just search on google like the Swift code of HDFC bank.

If anyone doing an international transfer then he/she needs a swift code, even anyone sending cash to your bank. The SWIFT code and BIC code are the same.

The SWIFT code stands for 8-11 characters so always double-check your swift code before transferring money to anyone.

Which bank do you must have for an account for international transactions?

There are many banks in the market who offer you the best for international transactions but I will recommend only a few banks as per my personal experience.

I am working on a cruise ship since 2015 and I am very familiar with international transactions so I can suggest you best out of all.

My Experience:- When I transfer money first time from the USA to my Indian IDBI bank It’s taken almost 20days to credit in my Indian account which was very hectic for me.

The Next Time I visit India then I went to HDFC bank and I request to open an NRO and NRE account.

After vacation when I went to work again I took all the details from HDFC bank and I log in REMITLY to transfer money. And believe me or not but Remitly never took more than 2-3 hours to credit money in my HDFC account.

So I will recommend these banks for International transfer like HDFC, ICICI, SBI, AND AXIS bank.

How to Open NRO and NRE account?

If you want to open NRO or NRE account then you need some important documents like a company employment letter, Salary slip, and Company ID Card.

The minimum balance for NRO and NRE accounts in HDFC is Rs.10,000. NRO stands for Non- Resident Ordinary and NRE stands for Non-Resident External.

If you are working on a cruise ship then what are the option do you have to send money home from a cruise ship? You can check out all the options to send money.