5000 Grafts Hair Transplant Cost India

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An average cost of 5000 grafts is Rs.50,000-Rs.1,00,000 now days because today’s is lot’s of competition in hair treatment industry. The cost of hair transplant also depends on many factors like, techniques of hair transplant, Location of Doctor Clinic, Number of grafts, Doctor qualification and Experience, etc. So 5000 grafts hair transplant cost in India vary on these facts.

Hair Transplant Cost India with 5000 Grafts

In the India on an average hair transplant cost is between Rs. 20-Rs300 per grafts which depending on different factors like What techniques doctor will use FUE, FUT or DHI. And What is the experience have doctor and technicians who will be involve in hair transplant, Number of grafts gonna use on baldness area, etc.

Now days in India mostly doctors offer a package price of hair transplant, but before offer any price the doctor will evaluate your donner area and baldness area. On the behaft of evaluation they will offer an average package price of your hair transplant like Rs.1 lakh or Rs.1.5Lakh for unlimited grafts.

The offer may include your 1-3 PRP sessions or any others facilities like personal chat with doctor for life time or period of time etc.

Let’s take an example If doctor will charge you Rs20 per graft then how much you need to pay to doctor. 5000graft *Rs20= Rs. 1, 00, 000. Plus few test before hair transplant and Medicine after hair transplant.

Let’s take an example- If doctor will charge Rs.30 per graft then how much you need to pay to the doctor- 5000grafts * Rs. 30 = Rs. 1,50,000 plus medicine after hair transplant, plus at least 3 session of PRP for three month, plus medicine, etc.

What If doctor charge Rs. 50 per graft, So 5000graft *Rs 50 = Rs. 2, 50, 000 Here you can see the difference of cost in hair transplant.

1 Graft = How Many Hair?

Hair never grown in single, it always grow in group of couple or more so in one graft =2 hair, 3hair or 4 hair. If you are going for hair transplant then the doctor will extract your hair graft and implant your hair graft root.

1500 Grafts Hair Transplant Cost in India

Hair transplant always depending on different factor like techniques use in hair transplant, Doctor and Team, Location of clinic, etc.

Now days most of the clinics are offering a package price of hair transplant like Rs. 40, 000-Rs. 1, 00, 000 as per your requirements. Because if you go for per graft hair transplant then it may cost you higher what you expect, the main reason for this is they add GST and taxes and medicine after hair transplant.

So let’s take an example of very common price Rs. 20 per graft * 1500 graft =Rs. 30, 000 only plus medice for a week to heal the area and then minoxidil, biotin and Finasteride.

After healing you may have to take all the medicine for at least one year for better result as per doctor consultation.

How Many PRP Sessions are needed After Hair Transplant?

Doctors always advise, If you have done your hair transplant then you must take at least three sessions of PRP for better result.

first PRP need to take with in one month of your hair transplant, It mean you can take first PRP between 20-30 days of your hair transplant not after 10-15 days of hair ttransplant.

Second and Third PRP after one month of first PRP and third PRP after one month of second PRP, If you are following these method then your hair transplant result will be one of the best hair transplant

My 9 Month Hair Transplant Result

I have done my hair transplant in Feb 2022 and I pay just Rs. 50, 000 to the doctor and pre transplant blood test and medicine after hair transplant. Every month I spend Rs. 2500 for my medicine and minoxidil and two session of PRP.

After Hair Transplant of 9 Month 15 days

My PRP cost is Rs. 3000 per session, doctor recommended me to take at least three PRP session but failed to take third session but still my hair transplant result is very good. You must see the result of my hair transplant and today is 9 month 15 days of my hair transplant.

Before Hair Transplant

FAQ Question and Answer

Q. Why Hair Transplant Fair?

Ans. There are many reason to fail your hair transplant but few common reasons are unqualified doctor and technicians are involved, very bad donner area, No precautions after hair transplant, etc.

Q. What DHI Hair Transplant?

DHI hair Transplant is also one of the techniques of hair transplant like FUE and FUT, DHI mean direct hair implantation. In DHI hair transplant done at the same time when graft extract from doner area.