Buffet Attendant Salary on Cruise Ship| Cruise Ship Salary

Hey Guys, If you are looking for cruise ship jobs as a buffet attendant then you must want to know the buffet attendant salary on a cruise ship. The buffet attendant is basically a buffet steward or Snacks Attendant. So the salary of a buffet attendant is the same as a buffet steward or Snacks Attendant.

So, If any company is offering you a job as a snack attendant then It means you are the same as a buffet attendant or buffet steward.

The Salary of a Buffet Attendant/Snack attendant/ buffet steward is depended on company to company, Some of the companies offer $550 USD to $850 USD.

The Norwegian Cruise Line pays $850USD per month to their Restaurant Steward but you will get almost $1000 USD per month which includes graduate, service charge, and promotional activities.

I must recommend you to join Norwegian Cruise Line, Carnival Cruise Line, Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, Disney Cruise Line, and MSC Cruise Line. All these cruise companies pay good salaries to their crew members and officers.

Crew members on NCL

Buffet Attendant Job Description

  • The buffet attendant is responsible for work in the buffet restaurant, Crew mess, and Staff mess.
  • All the buffet attendants are responsible to clean the assigned area like staff mess, crew mess, and designated restaurants.
  • All the buffet stewards or buffet attendants are responsible for working in the buffet restaurant until he/she got promoted as a junior waiter.
  • The buffet attendant is also responsible for doing the night shift to clean the assigned designated place.
  • Buffet stewards are also responsible to do the clearance from the table during the operational period of time.
  • Buffet attendants are responsible for officers’ food in staff mess, or Officers’ mess.
  • Buffet Attendant is also responsible for the cutlery ware, glassware, and crockery ware cleaning and whipping.
  • The Buffet Attendant is responsible for scrubbing the cutlery in the buffet restaurant.
  • The Buffet Attendant is responsible for refilling the juices and coffee on the coffee counter in the buffet restaurant.
  • The Buffet attendant is also responsible for set-up the buffet in the restaurant and crew mess.

MSC Buffet Attendant Salary

The salary of a buffet attendant on MSC Cruise Line is around $900 USD per month. The MSC cruise line pays a good salary to their crew compared to other companies.

If you got a chance to work with MSC cruise line then must go ahead because this is one of the best companies and one of the fast-growing companies have in the fleet.

So If you are a part of this growing company then you have a good opportunity to grow with the company like your promotions and increments.

Buffet Attendant Job Requirement on Cruise Ship

  • Candidate must have done Degree or Diploma in hotel management.
  • He/She must have at least two years of previous experience in four or five-star hotels.
  • Candidate must speak English, write English and understand English.
  • The candidate should have a valid passport to apply for this job.
  • The candidate must have fast learning skills, willing to work in a high-volume restaurant, etc.
  • He/she must know proper cleaning procedures in the restaurant or any other designated area.

Next Position After Buffet Attendant

So once you are good with your work and your performance will be up to mark then the company will promote you to next level and that is Assistant waiter or Junior waiter and then you will be promoted as a waiter.

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