Why all 18 Carnival Ships are in the Bahamas

Why all 18 Carnival Ships are in the Bahamas

Today morning all Carnival Cruise Ships are in the Bahamas, why all the Carnival Ships meet together? What they are planning? Is they are repatriating crew members to back home or they are planning to resume on service. All 18 Carnival Ships are in the Bahamas because of some reason.

Tonight have seen all the Carnival Cruise Ships in the Bahamas together, It looks like some kind of reunion of Carnival Ships. Everyone is surprised to see all ships together.

The Carnival Cruise Ships are planning to repatriate all nation crew members like Asian crew, European Crew, Caribbean Crew as well as American Crew members. They are planning to repatriate all the crew members.

Almost more than 10000 crew members are on board with Carnival Cruise Ships so they plan to repatriate non-essential crew members as many as they can.

Most of the Crew members are from Asia like the Philippines, India, Indonesia, etc. Than Caribbean, and European. All the Crew members want to go home but they are missing their second home where they live more that is Ships life. They are saying and they have believe to themselves that they will come back soon.

Is Company Giving any Compensation

See onboard all the crew members are working like 6 to 8 hrs per day to keep clean the Ships and keep everything as per standard. All the crew members work as a team with maintaining social distancing as well.

The best thing about Carnival Cruise ships is they are paying the salary to all the crew members on board just need to work for a few hours only in a day. The crew members are really very glad to work with Carnival Cruise, most of them are saying Carnival is the best.

Carnival Plan to repatriate their crew to back home, They said if needed will send all the 18 ships to a different country but initially we are thinking to use only 9 of 18 ships.

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When They will back to Service

As of now most of the Cruise Company are suspended until June 30, 2020, Carnival too because of a global pandemic. They are expecting to resume on service by July 1, 2020 but I am not sure they will resume by July 1, 2020.

See the situation of coronavirus is worst all around the world and day by day it’s going to be worst. So it’s my personal opinion about the cruise industries is it may or may not be resumed in July. I personally think it may be extended until 2020 as per the current situation around us.

So stay home stay safe,,,,,,,thank you.