Can CGI Reference Number Be Same As Previous Application

Yes, the CGI Reference Number will be the same as the Previous Application, So Guys, I applied for Visa Interview and I got Refused due to some missing documents, So I reapplied for my Visa Appointment. Before taking an appointment you need to pay Visa fees, Here what I found while paying my fees is the CGI Reference number was the same as the previous one. Here I was very confused about how is possible and what to do next, I do research a lot but no proper answer anywhere, So I speak with a US Consulate person he told me that’s ok.

So whenever you pay for visa application fees then the CGI Reference number will be the same but the Bank Reference number will be different.

The CGI Reference Number will be 12 digit number and Bank Reference Number will be 10 digit number.

I tried to sign up with a different email Id also but when I change my email Id It show 6 years back CGI reference number when I took First-time appointment with a different email Id.

So if Anyone facing same problems and have any confusion then after reading this article no need to read anything else. Just take a fresh CGI reference number which will be same as previous but with new date and go to Axis Bank or SBI Bank and show them your CGI reference number.

The cashier will ask you amount as per current USD price and they will provide you a new Payment Acknowledgement-US Visa Fees Slip with New Bank Reference Number and this bank Reference number will be different and this is the number you need to fill on for taking an appointment of US Visa.

This is happen with me when I was applying for C1D Visa from India, If anyone have any quiry regarding this then text me on my Instagram at “arunnbcruiser” or you can comment me below also for any quiry.

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How to apply for US Visa Online

The Date will be change and the CGI Reference Number Will Be Same as Previous application.

The CGI Receipt for Payment
Question. CGI Reference Number Example

Ans. The CGI reference Number Example is 12 digit number and the Bank Reference Number is 10 Digit Number.

Question. Is CGI Reference Number Unique Everytime?

Answer. No the CGI reference number will be same if you are sign up with same Gmail ID. If you will do repayment of your visa fees then your CGI Number will stay same but the Bank Reference Number will be different.

Question. What is Receipt Number in Visa Appointment?

Answer. The Receipt Number in Visa Appointment is Bank Reference Number In Payment Acknowledgement slip.