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Cordelia Cruise ship

Cordelia cruise ship is one of India’s five-star luxury cruise ships, Owned by waterways leisure Tourism Pvt Ltd. which is launched in 2020 as a Cordelia cruise ship. But Cordelia’s cruise ship was built in 1989 and launched in service in 1990 as a Royal Caribbean Group ship and her name is Nordic Empress. The Nordic Empress retired from Royal Caribbean Group in 2020 and after dry dock, It’s part of Cordelia Cruise Ship.

Cordelia Cruise Ship doing very good in India now, Before most Indian, were not aware of a cruise ship but It’s got famous after the Aryan khan( Son of Shah Rukh Khan Indian Bollywood actor) drug case.

Currently, they are cruising from Mumbai-Lakshadweep-Kochi-Goa, As per Indian tourism, It’s will be very easy to sustain for a long time. Because cruising industry is one of the trending and fastest industries is in India.

CEO(Chief Executive Officer) of Cordelia Cruise Ship

Who is the CEO of Cordelia Cruise Ship? The CEO(Chief Executive Officer) of Cordelia Cruise Line is Mr. Jurgen Bailom.

Mr.Jurgen Bailom experience with this industry:-

May-2018-to-PresentEssel GroupPresident & CEO
June-2017 -to- Feb-2018Grupo Vidanta President & CEO
Dec-2015-to-July-2017Royal Caribbean InternationalChief Operating Officer
& Vice President
March-2015-to-Dec-2015Royal Caribbean Cruise LimitedSenior Corporate Director
Aug-2014 to Mar-2015The MahoSenior Vice president Operations
May-2010 to Aug-2014 Royal Caribbean Cruise Limited Fleet Hotel Director
May-2002 to Jan-2010Island Cruises Plc.Vice President International Island Cruises

As per his Linkedin profile, he has the industry best experience to run a Cruise Ship around the world. He has the world’s best cruise companies’ experience and knowledge.

How to book your dream destination with Cordelia Cruises

If you want to do cruising with Cordelia cruises then you must visit their official website and book your dream vacation. Their current itinerary is Lakshadweep-Kochi-Goa-Mumbai at a very affordable price. I will highly recommend you to please take an experience of the cruise line in your life.

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