Does Carnival Give Flight Tickets for Crew Members?

Does Carnival Pay For Flight Ticket

Hey Guys, In this article, we will get to know about, Does Carnival give flight tickets to crew members? If No then what next to do and what is the main reason for that. So we all know that Carnival has many brands like Princess Cruises, Holland America Line, Costa Cruises, AIDA Cruises, P&O Cruises( Australia and UK), Cunard, and Carnival Cruise Line. But the question is, Does Carnival give flight tickets to Crew members? So the answer is No, Here I am talking about only Carnival Cruise Line not all the Brands.

If you got hired by Carnival then you need to pay for your flight tickets from your country to the ship joining the country, Like If you are from India and your Joining port is Miami, United State. Then you need to buy a ticket from India to Miami. And from Miami Airport the Shipboard authority will be responsible to take you on board.

But this is going to happen if you are a newly hired crew member by Carnival Cruise Line and going to join first time to the Carnival Cruise Line then only you need to pay for tickets, While going from your home to your designated country. While returning from that country to your home, the Company will pay for your tickets.

From the second time you do not need to worry about your travel details, the Company will pay for everything.

Why Carnival Does not Pay for Flight Tickets?

What is the main that Carnival Cruise Line does not pay for flight tickets, If you are a new joiner to the Carnival Cruise Line, from your home to ship joining country? The very important thing is that company is checking loyalty to the company and honesty with the company.

So If you are going to pay for your ticket then there is a 100% possibility that you will join the ship as per your joining date, but If the company will pay for your tickets then there is a possibility that you may request that extend your joining date due to XYZ reason at the time for joining date or just a few days before.

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So I found this is the main reason that company does not pay for flight tickets If you are going to join Carnival Cruise Line first time. There might be another company policy but this is the truth also I have seen the situation and I am sharing as per my personal experience.

Does Company Refund the Ticket Price Onboard?

No, The Company will not refund any single amount of money that you pay for tickets, but yes If you are consuming any meal in a designated country outside of the airport and keeping the receipt with you then the company can refund you as per the invoice of your meal.

Does Company Provide Hotel Stay or not?

If you reach to ship joining the country then the hotel stay and food will be provided by the company until you get onboard. Most of the time you will reach that country a day before or a few hours before, In that case, the company will provide you with a good hotel stay.

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Question. How long does a Crew member work on a cruise ship?

Answer. Cruise Ship Contract length depends from company to company and position to position also. Some of the company offer 3-6 month contract as per their designation but Some of the Company Offers a 3-8 months contract period as per their positions. Like Officers work for 3 months and get a vacation for 6 weeks and crew members work for 8 months and get a vacation for 10-12 weeks.

Question. What Cruise Line Offering Free Airfare?

Answer. The Norwegian Cruise Line Offers free airfare even if it is your first contract with the Norwegian Cruise Line.