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DG Shipping e-learning for STCW course and Exit Exam update is here which is updated by Directorate General of Shipping, Government of India in 2020. If anyone wants to do an STCW course or any refreshing safety course then they will have to do it by new rules/circular of DG shipping of India.

New Training Circular Update of DG Shipping 2020

In the new training circular update of DG shipping, you need to do E-Learning before you do any STCW safety certificate from your Maritime Training Institute.

What is E-Learning?

E-Learning is basically anything you are learning with the help of electronic items like PC, Laptop, Mobile, etc. So in your case, you need to study your course on the DG Shipping website on your laptop, computer, or mobile phone.

How to do DG Shipping E-Learning?

  • It’s very simple, 1.first you need to visit the DG Shipping website,
  • You need to Click the E-Learning icon at the top right of the page,
  • Select there Modular Course,
  • Then you will see the Enroll Now icon at the top right side of the page,
  • After Enrolling you need to fill in your Indos number, date of birth and need to select your courses, and then verify,
  • Once you verify then you will get an E-book which you have read 100% as you will see a meter rate 0-100, as you read and do next then it will increase.
  • Once you complete then you can give your assessment for 30 minutes, See the example below.

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Example of Online PST and FPFF

Suppose, You need to do a refreshing course of PST( Personal Survival Techniques) or Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting(FPFF) or any other safety course, Then you will have to do E-Learning first which is need to do online from your place.

Once you have done E-Learning then you need to do an assessment of 30 multiple choice questions for 30 marks, one question one mark each. For this, you will get 30 minutes time to complete your assessment.

Your passing mark will be 50% of total, means you need to score at least 15 marks for passing.

If you do not pass in your first attempt then you have 9 more chance to give again your assessment, means you have total 10 chance to complete your assessment.

Once you pass in your assessment then download the result and mail it to your MTI for further process.

After that MTI will appoint your online training session from the institute, This training will be held by any video mode of browser or application like zoom, etc.

In this video training classes, you will have to be present because your session is on recording mode from the institute.

Once you done classes then again you will have to give an online exam for 30 marks and you need to score at least 15 marks in 30 minutes.

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What type of questions ask in E-Learning class?

In E-Learning lasses you will be asked reasoning questions means, One question and four options, here you need to select one correct answer. For the correct answer, you will get one mark and for the wrong answer will mark zero.

Example of E-Learning questions and answers

DGS Exit Exam Questions

You will find multiple choice questions for your DGS Exit Exam questions and you need to choose correct answers for one mark.

So here is an example of DG Shipping E-Learning Answers and Questions.

Question. 1. Class C fire Involve

  • Fire involving liquids
  • Fire involving metals
  • Fire involving solid material
  • Fire involving Gas/Electrical

Here you need to find correct answers for one mark, and my answers should be ” Fire involving Gas/Electrical”.

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Why E-Learning is Important for Seafarer?

See, A seafarer is working in a high-risk place at sea and he/she should know all the safety rules and regulations like fire fighting, personal survival techniques, etc. So that in case of any emergency he/she can save their life and their mates and guests.

If you are looking for DGS approved institute for any safety training or any refreshing course then click here. These all institutes are DGS approved.

STCW Refresher Course Online

You need to do STCW refresher course online only If your current STCW certificate got expired.

As per new circular of DGS you need to do E- Learning before you do any STCW training.

E-Learning you can do on DGS official website.

To understand how to do the STCW refresher course online please watch this video on my YouTube, I am dam sure this will help you a lot.


  • Visit DGS Official Website.
  • Click E-Learning on the top right side.
  • Choose Modular Courses.
  • Enroll with Indos number and Date of Birth.
  • Choose your courses and
  • Verify


Make sure your contact details are updated on the DG Shipping website Like Email ID or Phone Number so They can mail you your login ID and Password.

After login, You need to read all the modules one by one and you need to reach 100% of reading.

It is not a fixed time period, You can finish your reading as per your choice period like 2 time, 4 times, etc.

Once you are done reading then you can give an assessment where you need to score 50% marks for passing.