Can I Earn 500 Daily by Trading Using Less Capital?

Today I made Rs.715 with very less capital of Rs.9785 only, So Yes you can earn 500 daily by trading with very less capital. Here I will show how i am making more than 500 every day by using less than 10000 rupees and I will share my strategy with you which may help you to understand the market. so If you want to earn 500 daily with less capital then you can read this article.

How to Earn 500 Rs Per Day in Stock Market?

So before I share how am I earning 500 daily with less capital, A very brief about me is I am not an expert in trading but I learn one strategy which is helping me to make money from stock market.

I am using around 10000 capital to learn and earn from stock market but at the begging I loose around 40000 Rs in a month.

Now I learn Money management and how to save money from loses and then I am able to make 500-1000 daily from stock market by using 10000 Rs only.

So my strategy is very simple, I try to trade between 9:20-10:30 only, I wait in the market to make an high for the day or low for the day. Once I figure out High or Low for the day then I use 5 EMA strategy with 5 minute time frame for PE buying and 15 minutes time frame for CE buying.

I keep very small stop loss and my target is making 500-1000 only from market, If I see my target is achieving then I don’t wait in the market, I book my profit or loss and exit.

My profit from stock market

In Above Image you can see today my profit amount 715 Rs, I buy 19300 PE at the price of 97.85 Rs and sell 105 Rs.

My Trade history in stock market

Above Image you can see my trade history, like How much money I used for trade and I how much I made from stoke market. I trade in Option Buying only.

What is 5 EMA Strategy?

5 EMA strategy is very helpful for new bee in the stock market, Which gives better result in 5 minutes time frame for PE buying and 15 minutes for CE buying.

Time frame 5 Minute- If 5 EMA does not touch low of the candle on top, it’s mean It is a alert candle, but next candle must close lower then previous candle and then from that point you can take trade for down side.

Time frame 15 minutes- For CE buy 15 minutes time frame is very good to make profit, You will get less trade in 15 minutes time frame but the result is better for new bee in the stock market.

In both time frame you may got many stop loss but you can recover by booking profit 1:2 or 1:3 easily.

To understand better about 5 EMA I will strongly suggest you to watch below video:-

Power of Stock 5 EMA Set Up

Disclaimer- This article is only for learning purpose not for any financial advisory, I just share my experience and I an not any kind of SEBI register advisor, please be careful with this.

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