Fake Job Offer Letter

fake job offer

Yes, You are at the right place, If you are looking for overseas jobs on the internet then I am dam sure you can get a “FAKE JOB OFFER LETTER” from a very trusted company. You can get this fake job offer letter from any country like Canada, United States, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Singapore, Dubai, Poland, etc.

Today I will share everything with you how a got a job offer of $14,550 CAD, and what are the procedure they follow to make me fool. And how much money they ask me for my Visa process. Did I join this $ 14,550CAD job or not?

How Employer Contact Me?

An employer Name Harrison Krung contact me by E-Mail, and they explain to me about himself like he is a Canadian Citizen and he has five members in a family with three kids.

He was looking for a facility manager staff male or female, and I also apply for Facility manager jobs.

Employment Status

He was offering to his future employee

  • A private accommodation with a furnished sitting room and bedrooms suitable for a family of 3.
  • A fixed land phone and an Internet-ready computer.
  • Free food.
  • Free medical care and
  • A day off every week and all fully paid and six-week vacation in a year.
  • Working hours in the morning are 8 am to 12 noon and 2 pm to 5 pm in the evening.
  • Salary he offers:- $ 8,700CAD monthly, $5,850 CAD monthly allowance, and total salary is $ 14,550 CAD.
  • And his company will be responsible for flight tickets and other facilities after the collection of Visa fees.

All these facilities he was offering to me and guys can you understand how they are trying to convince an innocents job seekers.

Agreement Letter

After all this process they send me a contract agreement letter on the letterhead of the Ontario Ministry of Labor. And mention job location, Salary, Paid Leave period, feeding and accommodation, Education facility of children, Medical expenses, working hours, safety, etc.

And he mailed me and mentioned that all the procedure will take care of my lower once you accept our term and condition of service.

Interview Questionnaire

Here I was expecting that I will have to give an interview on webcam or something online like Skype, Zoom, etc.

But here nothing happens like that, They mailed me around 10 questions and ask me to write your answers and send me back. I said ok, and I mailed him back with all the brief answers.

And now I was totally surprise to see my “Letter of appointment”.

At the same time, they approached me for Visa process fees and further process, He asked me to pay $ 420CAD. And he gives me bank details and ask me to deposit the amount.

When I search that IFSC code on google then I found that account details belong from Mizoram state and here my mind is clicking again that they are giving me a fake job offer letter.

How to Identify fake Job Offer Letter

It’s very simple to find fake job offers but you need to be very smart against this otherwise they will make you fool anytime.

8 Ways to Detect a fake Job Offer

  • The Employer can offer you an unexpected salary.
  • They will never call you for a physical interview or any face to face interview, not even skype or zoom.
  • They will just give you a few questions and ask you to reply with answers by mail.
  • Processing time will be very short like 15-20 days.
  • They will mention it’s 100% pure job, No scam, No fake, etc.
  • They will offer you free Visa and Flight tickets.
  • All nationalities can apply.
  • It’s direct hiring jobs.

All the fake job provider follow the same pattern to offer a job globally.

In my case I did not pay any money, I ask to meet those guys who called me for Visa fees money, but he refuses to meet me.

Before he told me that he is working in the Canadian embassy in Delhi and I also stay in Delhi but still he refuses to meet me.

I analyze all these things and then say sorry brother I have a feeling that you people are fake so I am not going to pay you a single amount of money.

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