How to Stop Hair Fall Immediately |Hair Treatment

Many ways to stop hair fall Immediately like eat soaked almond, take biotin and Finasteride, Use Minoxidil, Use Mild Shampoo, Protect hair from dust, Do not wear any Cap and helmet, Eat fresh and Green Vegetables, Avoid eating deep fried junk food, Keep your stomach disease free, etc. So these are the few best hair fall treatment and you can also say that these are the best way to stop hair fall Immediately.

Hair fall is really big problems in male and female now days but hair fall can control easily If you got proper guidance about how to protect hair from hair fall.

What is Reason for Hair Loss?

There are many reasons for hair Fall and the best thing is we can protect our hair to fall, the few main reason for hair fall are:-

Medication Could be a Reason for Hair Loss Like If you are on medication or you had on medication for long period of time and you are suffering from hair loss then this could be a reason of hair loss.

Here I can give my own example In 2018 I was suffering from Tuberculosis and I had a medicine for at least 8 month which was very high doges. At the time of medication I was facing hair fall but not that much or I can say that 20-30 hairs daily but once I finished my medication, Suddenly My hair fall increase 20 to 200 per day and it was very shocking for me.

Hair Fall Due to Medication

Above you can see my picture and this is happened after 8-9 month of medication due to tuberculosis.

Yes it’s true I was suffering from tuberculosis also in 2018 and because of that I need to take a very heavy dose of medicine every day for atleast 9 month.

This medication was a main reason of my hair fall because before 9 months my hair density was much better than this. You can see below of my hair density before tuberculosis or before 2018.

Before Hair Fall

Poor Nutrition is a main reason of hair fall, today many people are suffering from hair fall disease because most of you don’t take a balance meal in your diet.

To control your hair fall, you must need to take a balanced meal in your diet, so that the nutrition will reach out till your hair roots.

I will strongly suggest you to add these items in your diets like 4pcs soaked almond every day, green vegetables, lentils (not black), biotin tablets, etc.

Stress could be a big reasons for your hair fall, Today almost everyone take some kinds of stress and it could be personal stress, family stress, study stress, jobs stress, etc.

So if you want to stop your hair fall then you also need to stop stress level and need to stay cool at all the time.

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