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There are two types of medical examination for Seafarer that’s called “International Labour Organization (ILO) and Pre-Employment Medical Examination(PEME)”.

ILO Medical you need to do during your safety training like STCW safety training, CDC, etc., and PEME you need to do just before joining your assignment or Before joining your Ships.

Cost of ILO Medical

The Cost of ILO(International Labour Organization) medical examination is dependent upon DGS approved medical hospital but Its approx price is between Rs.2500 to Rs. 3500.

Cost of PEME Medical

The total cost of PEME is dependent on the company to company, Some of the companies need their preference medical test from individual crew members. And they ask DGS approved hospital medical examinational as per their need.

An Approx Cost of PEME is between Rs. 6000 to Rs. 8000, But this money could be refundable. Some of the companies refund your medical amount like Norwegian Cruise Line. But not all Cruise Line like Carnival, RCCL, Disney, etc.


Guidelines for the Medical Examinations of Seafarers

The basic guidelines for medical Examinations of Seafarers is supposed to be fit and fine.

  • Go for medical without having any food because there is some medical test need to do with an empty stomach.
  • Make sure do not smoke and drink before 2-5 days of medical test.
  • If you are suffering from any kind of disease then please avoid that day to go for a medical exam.
  • If you had passed through any major illness in past then please share with doctors.
  • In case you have eyeglasses then carry them during the medical day because you need to show the eyesight glasses.

Medical Fitness Certificate for Seafarers

You will get a medical certificate from the same DGS hospital which certified that you are able to work on sea or fit for work on Sea.

In some of the cases like If you are on medical leave from your current company at that time also you need this medical fitness certificate to reschedule your joining date. All the Cruise companies will ask you for your Initial for your joining.

Initial means what was the major issue for your medical leave and what was the treatment you had done to fit. Everything will be mention on your Initial and your medical fitness certificate.

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