Revolt rv400 Review |Revolt Electric Bike Review

Revolt bike

In this article, I am going to share the revolt rv400 review on behalf of a five-month driving experience. This review will be very honest and genuine about the revolt rv400 bike, The revolt rv400 is an electric bike that is very famous in the EV market.

Revolt rv400 is a very smooth bike on road and have lots of attractive feature on it like rv400 have four different sound which can manage by your phone. I mean you can change the exhaust sound by using your phone.

The rv400 does not have any gears, So you don’t have to worry about shifting gear while driving. You just need to balance the bike and keep going with pickup. This bike has amazing looks.

Revolt rv400 key Feature

The key itself has four features, You can start your bike with a key, you can Off rv400 with your key. You can lock and unlock with the revolt key also. This is the very cool feature have in revolt. No one can steal your bike anywhere.

The best thing about the revolt rv400 key is that you start your bike with the help of a key and you can keep the key in your pocket. You don’t have to worry about the loss of the key.

Revolt Rv400 is India’s first AI Electric bike, Where you can find the location of your bike on your phone from anywhere. You can change the sound of your bike from anywhere on your phone.

Performance of Revolt rv400 Electric Bike? | Top Speed of Revolt Rv400

Revolt rv400 has the best performance until 5 months of use, The company promise 80km/h on their website but when we check the high speed of Revolt rv400 then we found 70km/h. To be very honest sometimes we found 75-80km/h also but it depends on roads also. So as per company promise, It’s up to mark.

We check high speed on the third mode of revolt rv400 which is very satisfying but when we try from 1 to 2 mode, here we were not that much satisfied with speed and pickup.

Revolt rv400 Colour Option | How many colour option have Revolt rv400?

The Revolt rv400 has three color options which are Rebel Red, Mist Grey, and Cosmic Black, but the most attractive looks come under Rebel Red. I have seen all the color options but the most I like is Rebel Red.

A Revolt rv400 owner

How to book Revolt rv400 | Booking amount of Revolt rv400

You can book your favorite color revolt bike on their official website at non-other than this website. Please be very careful with duplicate websites or fake websites.

The Booking amount of Revolt rv400 is 19,990, which you can pay while online booking, And this money will be adjusted on your on-road price at the time of delivery. You can pay using a Credit card, Debit Card, Internet banking, or UPI method.

Why you should buy Revolt rv400 ?

Revolt rv400 is one of the best electric bikes with AI(Artificial Intelligence) technology. Once you buy a revolt electric bike then you don’t have to worry about increasing or decreasing the price of petrol.

You just need to charge once a day and it’s ready to ride, You don’t need to rush for the refilling of petrol.

Because if someone buys petrol bike on EMI then they have to pay EMI every month and they need to fill up with petrol as per need also. But if you buy revolt rv400 then you just need to pay a penny amount of the electric bill and good to go.

Revolt rv400 on EMI | How to buy Revolt rv400 on EMI

So if you want to buy revolt rv400 on EMI then you need to take a personal loan with any finance company and then you can buy revolt on cash.

So far Revolt did not offer EMI, So there is no other option to buy revolt apart from cash. If you want to buy Revolt rv400 then you need to do a prior booking on their official website.

The booking amount of revolt rv400 is 19,990 and this amount will be adjusted on your on-road price during delivery of the bike. If you want to book revolt rv400 then please check out here.

The on-road price of revolt rv400 is dependent on the state to states, Every state has a different price of revolt 400. Please visit their official website to know the revolt price in your place.

One of the revolt bike owners share their review of 5 month use of revolt rv400, If you want to know more about then you can check out this video.