How to send money home from Cruise Ship

There are many ways to send money home from Cruise ship either you are going to transfer anywhere in the world. You can send money home from Cruise Ship if you are from the Philippines, Indonesia, India, Jamaica, Brazil, Chile, Peru, Croatia, Romania, South America, North America, Peru, etc.

What are the option you have to send money home from Cruise Ship

See here we have many options to send money or transfer money like: Money order, Money Gram, Wire Transfer, Remitly, Pay pal, Zoom, and Western Union, etc. But today I will explain to you the 3 best ways to send money home from Cruise Ship, Cargo Ship, Ferry, Tank Ship, etc.

1. Western Union Send Money

Western Union is one of the best ways to send money home from overseas. Western Union have their agents all around the world and it will be nearby you. The best thing is if you are working overseas and you want to send money than your first choice will be Western Union because they are very trusted and you can find them easily.

Western Union Customer Service

So if you are working overseas and if you want to send money by western union then please send by any western union agent which is easy to send money and easy to receive money.

But if you want to send online by yourself then my suggestion is big no because the western union will ask you every time verification which is very irritating and they took around 4 to 6 days to credit your amount.

Customer service is very very pathetic of western union, if you are facing any trouble about your money then you will not find a concern for people who can solve your problem. It’s my personal experience whenever I send money from overseas they always wait for my call verification which is very irritating for me.

Once I send $1500 USD and I wait for 10 days to credit my money in my account but its never credit than I call-in customer service. I talk all most all the staff on duty but can not find anyone who can verify my account and solve my problem. Next day I call again and speak with a lady, I think she was heading the department. I explain all the things that I was facing then she verify my account and credit the amount after 2 days in my account.

Western Union Fees

If you are sending a small amount then I will not suggest western union because their fees are very high. Like if I send $245 USD then they charged me $8 USD and If I send $985 then they charged me $10 which is quite too much.

Q. Western Union Number

Ans. Western Union Toll Free 24/7 at 1800-325-6000

Q. Western Union Fees

Ans. $10 dollar up to $1000 USD

Q. Western Union Exchange Rate

Ans. Exchange rate depend on country to country as per google display.

2. Remitly Money Transfer

Western Union Send Money

Remitly is one of the best modes of money transfer and a very trustable application, You can download apps from Google play store. This a[[lication is very easy to use and very friendly with users.

If you want to send money by Remitly then you will have to log in with your current details, Important document is Passport copy, crew ID and Ocean pay card/visa card. If you are sending the first time with Remitly then you will have to submit your document to verify. For verification it will take a few hours.

Once your account is verified then you are ready to send money from anywhere in the world in just a click because Remitly transfers are available 24/7.

Remitly Exchange Rate

  • Remitly have very cheap fees to send your money.
  • $ 3.99 dollars up to $ 999 dollars.
  • NO fees above $1000 or $1000.
  • Instant money transfer if fees included.
  • 2 to 3 business days if fees not included.
  • Recommended bank name for instant credit: HDFC BANK, ICICI BANK. AXIS BANK, SBI BANK.

Remitly hidden fees

Upper image you can see, the current price of the dollar is Rs.76.32, but Remitly offers one dollar equal Rs. 75.40

See its a true fact about Remitly. Remitly never give accurate conversion rate as per current values like they always give around $ 1.25 dollars lesser then-current value.

But Customers never mine for hidden charge of Remitly if money credit instant in the customers account.

Remitly is very fast and secure transfer service with very very low fees and this is the best option for quick money transfer.

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3. Money Gram

Money Gram is quite similar to Western Union, Money Gram work same like Western Union. You will find almost everywhere Money Gram agent Office and if you are a seafarers then you will get next to the port.

  • Money Gram promises same-day money transfer into your bank account or receiver.
  • Money Gram is very secure and trusted.
  • The daily limit of money gram is less than $10,000.

Money Gram Exchange Rate

  • Money Gram is a bit higher than Western Union and Remitly.
  • Fees – $13 dollar on $1000 USD.
  • Around $10 dollar of hidden currency conversion fees.
  • The online daily limit is up to $2500.
  • Daily limit through agent is $9,999.

My opinion

I have used all these 3 ways to sending money back home, All these are the one of the best ways to send money home. But what I like to send money home is Remitly because it is very easy to use, very transparent between customers and company, Very good customer support, etc.