Indian Seafarers on Marella Discovery Cry for Help

On April 14, 2020, Indian seafarers of Marella Discovery released a video to requesting the Indian government, Respected Narender Modi Ji, Maharastra CM, DG Shipping company, Health Minister, and External affairs minister to allow us to enter in the Mumbai.

He said we are in the Ocean for the last 32 days and since the last 21 days in the Indian Ocean. We are 134 Indian Crew members out of 636 total crew on board and none of us have any symptoms of COVID-19.

Indian Seafarers on Marella Discovery Cry for Help
Indian Crew Members of Marella Discovery

He said we have to pass daily routine check-up, temperature check-up twice in a day, and all the required documents sent to DG shipping and the Indian government By onboard captain.

He said we are ready to come to Mumbai and wherever the government wants to keep us for quarantine we are ready to do for 14 days quarantine. Here onboard all the facilities are given by the company but it does not mean we will have to stay for more than 100 days in the Indian seas. We are just next to Mumbai port and not even single crew members are affected by the virus.

Everyone has their own problems back home even my Dad has a brain attack and he is in the hospital right now and my family need me, so we requesting our government please let us come to Mumbai and we will follow all the guidelines given by governments.

We Have Only One Day In Our Hand

On April 20, 2020 The Captain announced a meeting with all the India crew members and explain that the Indian government is not responding so I spoke to the head office of Marella and we have only one day till April 21, 2020 to do something otherwise we are leaving for Europe.

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Crew name Sagar said we are leaving for Europe on April 21, 2020, and anything will happen to us than the Indian government will be responsible for us so please help us. let allow us to come for our family and loved ones.

Good News for Indian Seafarers

On April 21, 2020 the Indian government allow them for disembarkation on April 22, 2020, in the Mumbai but they will have to quarantine for 14 days and after 14 days they will test again for COVID-19 if they are negative then the will go for home quarantine.

Finally the crew members on board are very happy and appreciate the Indian government’s decision and said we are very thankful to the Indian Government, Marella Cruises, and the state government of Goa and we are very thankful to captain Chris Dodds to work day and night for us.