Now, Royal Caribbean Cruise Ltd, has announced a statement to extend the suspension of sailing of their fleet until May 11, 2020. Before on March 14, 20. they announce all the Royal Caribbean Cruise is suspending till April 10, 2020.

On March 13, they announced that it is suspending cruising in the united State from March 14 to April 10th, 2020. They said that time if everything will be good then we will expect to resume on service by April 11, 2020.

Royal Caribbean’s Operations Update

Given global public health circumstances, Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. has decided to extend the suspension of sailing their global fleet. And we expect to return to service on May 12, 2020.

Royal Caribbean’s Operations Update

Because of announced port closures, we expect to return to service for Alaska, Canada and New England on July 1, 2020. And for Voyager of the sea on June 2020.

They said that we know this is disappointing. Extending our fleet suspension is an incredibly difficult to make, however it’s a decision make with the best interest of our guest, crew and staff at heart.

We all know, It is a global pandemic and your safety is our first priority- both On or Off the ships. So stay home and safe safe our all lovely guest, crew members and staff.

Where are the Ships During Suspension

The suspension is applied for all cruise company in the fleet because of COVID-19 like Norwegian Cruise Line, Carnival Cruise Line, Royal Caribbean Cruise Ltd., Aida Cruise Line, Disney Cruise Line, Jalesh Cruise line etc.

In light of ongoing global response to COVID-19 the ships are not sailing any more. And they do not have much capacity on port to dock all the ships so many of the ships are on anchored in groups spread across the Bahama, capital Nassau.

The Country in the Bahama belong to northwestern West Indies, Florida(USA), North Cuba and Caribbean Islands.

what happening with crew on boar in the fleet

Most of the cruise company are trying to repatriate as many as possible non-essential crew back home. Aida also trying to repatriate crew via charter flights to the Philippines and Indonesia.

The crew members who are unable to go home because of travel restriction they will stay on board and work for 6 to 8 hours per day and they will get one off a week.