Two Carnival Cruise Ship Bring Over 14000 Visitors in Curacao in One Day

14th June 2023 was a beautiful day in Curacao and Carnival come with two hug ship in Curacao at early morning with Carnival Mardi Gras and Carnival Horizon. Two Carnival Cruise Ship Bring Over 14000 Visitors in Curacao in One day, Over 6500 guests from Mardi Gras and over 4800 Guests from Horizon. Both ship have good number of crew members and they also love to visit new places, Mardi Gras with over 1700 crew and Horizon with Over 1200 crew visit to Curacao on 14th June 2023.

Why is Curacao Unique?

The Curacao is Unique because of RIF FORT which is established in 1828 and If you move forward After RIF FORT then you will find very old wooden bridge which is moveable to cross the ferry and the cruise ship. These two things make unique to the Curacao.

Should I Bring Cash In Curacao for Buy Anything?

If you want to buy anything in Curacao like food, drinks, clothes, watches, etc then I will suggest you to bring cash because most of the vendor doesn’t accept credit and debit card.

So Yes you can bring cash in Curacao to buy anything in Curacao.

What You Can Buy In Curacao?

In Curacao you can buy mostly branded items like Harley Davidson products, Guess products, Kaya products, etc but Curacao is really very expensive to buy anything there.

Can I Use My Debit Card in the Curacao?

Most of the Hotels, Restaurant and Store accept credit card but there is also many vendors which doesn’t accept cash in Curacao. So do not depend on credit card, I will suggest you to bring sone cash to buy anything in Curacao.

Carnival Horizon in Curacao
Carnival Horizon in Curacao

What is the Price of Beer Buckets in Curacao?

If you want to chill with beer in Curacao than you can just grab a bucket of beer and enjoy there which cost you approximately $25 for 6 beer. Price of beer and number of beer would be change as per need.

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