Visa Rejected When Can I Apply Again

See, Visa Could be rejected because of a number of reasons and It would be any visa like F1 Visa, US Visa, Australian Visa, Canada Visa, Schengen Visa, C1D Visa, etc. So once your visa is rejected then when you can apply again. The answer is you may reapply at any time. If you decide to reapply, You must submit a new application form, Pay the Visa Application fee again and you may be interviewed by a consular Officer.

Recently I went for my C1D Visa Interview in Mumbai US Consulate General Office. There I saw lots of crowds for Visa and the Visa Consulate Doesn’t even take more than 30 Sec- 1Minute for individuals.

When I went to the Consulate Counter, The Consulate asked me just two questions, 1. Have you been ever to the United State of America? And the Second question was, Do you know anyone in the United State of America?

At the same time, they check all related documents like My Letter of Employment, Joining Letter, Passport( new and old), CDC,

What is the Main Reason for Visa Rejection Rejections

The main purpose of visa rejection could be anything like any documents missing, Wrong details in the DS-160 form, miss match details from your passport, and If they found a little suspicious about you then they will reject your visa.

If you are missing any documents then they will put you on 221g first and ask you to submit your missing documents, If you are able to submit then they will approve your visa otherwise they will reject your visa and mention it to you that you were not able to submit required documents.

How to Receive My Passport if I Apply for Visa?

There are two ways to receive your passport if you apply for a visa, One is you can receive it from the visa office after your visa process is done from the counters.

The second way is You can request for express courier service which costs you 650 rupees to deliver to your given address. Please don’t forget to mention your phone number and email address for easy communication.

Why did my Visa gets rejected or Refused?

So I Apply for C1D Visa from Mumbai, India. My VFS appointment was from New Delhi Visa Office Shivaji Park and My Consulate appointment was from Bandra Mumbai.

When I went to the VFS office in Delhi for my document verification and biometrics, I found everything good and easy. The concerned officer checks my passport old and new, my Letter of appointment, and my joining letter.

But when I went to Mumbai for my Final Visa Interview, the US Consulate ask me Passport, LOE, and Cover letter, My Cruise Ship company provide me LOE and Joining Letter but they did not provide any cover letter to me So I failed to Submit cover letter.

The first time they put me in 221g administrative processing and ask me to submit your required documents, I request the company to provide me the same, My company mailed me Bona-fide Letter or a Joining Letter.

This time I went for documents submitted but after verification, they send me for Visa Interview with 221g application to the Consulate. The US Consulate request me to get Indian Joining Letter which is supposed to get from Indian Hiring Agency.

This time again I was not able to submit an Indian Joining letter Or Cover Letter, So the US Consulate Refused my visa and told me that you were not able to Submit the required documents.

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Q. What is 221g Refusal?

Ans. 221g means your profile is on hold, If you are on 221g administrative processing then your visa is not rejected, not approved, it means your visa is on hold for a while. The Consulate may take some more time to check your profile.

Q. How Long does it take for a Passport to arrive after Visa?

Ans. After the Visa interview, It will take 7-10 days to arrive your passport to your address if you choose the fast courier service which costs you Rs.650, and If you want to receive it from the VFS than It may take 1 week to 3 week.

Q. How do I know If My Visa is Approved?

Ans. Your Visa is Approved or Not, You can Check out Online at, Here you need to choose your country and then Nonimmigrant Visa After that need to Login, Here you can see your visa is approved or refused. At the same time you can Reschedule your appointment, Cancel Your Appointment.

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