What are the Documents Required for C1D Visa?

C1D Visa is require for Seafarers and If you are going for C1D Visa then they will ask you some very important documents. So here you will find what are the documents required for C1D Visa? What are the documents required for drop box US Visa? Is CDC Required for C1D Visa interview? How long does it take to get C1D Visa?

Documents Requirement for C1D Visa and Renewal of C1D Visa

The Important Documents Required for C1D Visa

If you are going for C1D visa than you need to carry lot’s of documents but few documents are really very important for C1D Visa Interview.

If you forgot any of these documents then your visa may hold for while and these documents are:-

  • DS-160 Confirmation and Appointment Confirmation.
  • Original Passport (Old Passport Too) and CDC.
  • LOE and Cover Letter (Take out Color Print Out).
  • STCW Course and Indos Certificate.
  • Education and Work Experience Documents.
  • Original Payment Receipt of $160 Which you had received from Axis/City Bank.

So above mention documents are very-very important if you are going for C1D US Visa Interview with US Consulate.

What are the Documents Required for Biometric US C1D Visa Interview?

If you are going for Biometric for US C1D Visa then they will just Check your DS-$160 Confirmation and Appointment Confirmation, Original Passport, CDC and they will take you finger print of both hand 4+4 finger and both thumb.

The officer will click your passport size photographs and at last they will explain you about how you are going to receive your passport once your visa is approve like by given address delivery or

They can confirm your name as well twice or three time and what visa you are applying.

What are the Documents Required for C1D Visa Renewal?

Below mention all documents are very important for your C1D Visa Renewal, If you are fail to carry any documents from these than You may get rejected. So please read all the documents carefully and take along with you on date of Appointment.

C1D Visa Renewal Documents are:-

  • DS 160 Confirmation and Appointment Confirmation.
  • Letter of Employment(LOE)
  • Cover Letter ( Provided by Local Hiring Agency).
  • CDC and Current Passport( Old Passport Also)
  • 2 Photographs.

LOE and Cover Letter – Take out Color Print Out.

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Photographs Specification for C1D Visa Renewal:-

  • White Background (dark shirt).
  • 80% of your face should cover above shoulder.
  • It should be mat finish.
  • No Spectacles/Sunglasses
  • Teeth should not be visible.
  • Size 2″ * 2″ Inches

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