Carnival Mardi Gras Itinerary May 2023

Carnival Mardi Gras is one of the best and latest cruise ship have in the fleet. Carnival Mardi gras launched with very unique and latest technology in the fleet like BOLT, the first roller coaster at sea.

Carnival Mardi Gras Itinerary May 2023

2-May-23Costa Maya8am-5pm
3-May-23Mohogany Bay8am-6am
4-May-23Sea DayFun Day at Sea
5-May-23Sea DayFun Day at Sea
6-May-23Port Canaveral 6am-4pm
7-May-23Sea DayFun Day at Sea
8-May-23Sea DayFun Day at Sea
9-May-23San Juan7an-4pm
10-May-23Amber Cove9am-6pm
11-May-23Grand Turk7am-4pm
12-May-23Sea DayFun Day at Sea
13-May-23Port Canaveral6am – 4pm
14-May-23Sea DayFun Day at Sea
15-May-23Grand Turk9am-6pm
16-May-23Amber Cove7am-4pm
17-May-23San Juan10pm-7pm
19-May-23Sea DayFun day at Sea
20-May-23Sea DayFun day at Sea
21-May-23Port Canaveral 6am-4pm
22-May-23Nassau 10am-7pm
23-May-23Sea DayFun day at Sea
24-May-23Amber Cove9am-6pm
25-May-23Grant Turk7am-4pm
26-May-23Sea DayFun day at Sea
27-May-23Port Canaveral6am-4pm
28-May-23Sea DayFun day at Sea
29-May-23Cozumel 10am-7pm
30-May-23Costa Maya8am-5pm
31-May-23Mohogany Bay8am-6pm

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Carnival Mardi gras ship
Carnival Mardi Gras

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