How do You Pay for Things on a Cruise Ship?

Most of the cruise ship doesn’t accept cash for things on a cruise ship, So how do you pay for things on a Cruise Ship? If you are a guest then you will get a room key on embarkation day and that key has all the access onboard of your whole cruising.

If you will buy anything onboard then you just need to give your key to charge. You can buy anything onboard like drinks, gifts, watches, clothes, dining, etc.

Once your credit limit is finished then you can pay to recharge again your card by guest service. You can pay cash only to the guest service to credit your card for onboarding purchase.

If you want to use the same card to casino then you can use it, You don’t need to pay or take extra card. Some of the casino accept cash but not all the company.

How do You Pay for Food and Drinks on Cruise Ship?

For food and drinks on cruise ship you just need to give you room key to your server and server gonna charge to your card and they will present cheques to you to confirm the items and amount and sign a copy of cheque.

For drinks you can use your card on all the bars onboard but for food you need your card in speciality dining. If you are going to dine in main dining then you don’t need card because main dining is free to dine.

Can I Pay Cash for My Food and Drinks on a Cruise Ship?

No, Onboard you can’t pay cash for your food and drinks on a cruise ship, Cash money you can only tip to your server on cruise ship.

You need to pay by room card for your food and drinks on a cruise ship. Your card has credit amount which you will use whole around the ship to buy anything.

Do Cruise Ship Casino Take Cash?

Some of the cruise ship casino accept cash but most of the cruise ship casino don’t take cash. If you want to play casino they they will swip your card and give you chips to play casino game.

Cruise Ship in Nassau Port

Every Casino has Cash counter, If they accept cash then you can buy chips against cash and enjoy your casino time.

Do I Need to Take Cash on Cruise Ship?

Yes, If you want to take cash on a cruise ship then you can take but you can use to recharge your card onboard and to tipping to your food and drinks server. You can’t use cash all around the ship for everything.

So you can take cash for all these things. If your casino allowed to use cash then you can use cash there too.

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