CDC Update For Cruise Ship ( No More No Sail Order )

Finally after a long time good news for Cruise Industry, CDC update for cruise ship. CDC lift No Sail Order from the cruise industry.

After 8 months of no sail order, CDC announced no more no sail order for a cruise ship but they came this time with lots of policies for cruise industries.

They came with 40 pages of policies which is mandatory to follow every cruise line in the United State If they are resuming their services.

Cruise Ship in Mexico

CDC said these policies need to follow by crew members as well as cruise ship passengers. They have change medical criteria, They said If someone coming on the cruise ship he/she has to come with the COVID-19 test report.

They said if crew members are coming to join the cruise ship then they have to quarantine at least 14 days and need to come with all safety certificates and COVID-19 negative reports.

The Following Important Announcement from these Cruise Company

CARNIVAL:– The Carnival cruise line made the decision to cancel their six ships that remain on schedule for December 2020 from Miami and Port Carnival.

ROYAL CARIBBEAN:- The Royal Caribbean also said the global sailings will be suspended through December 31, 2020, with some exceptions.

NORWEGIAN CRUISE LINE:- The Norwegian Cruise line also made the decision to further suspension cruise voyages across the fleet through December 31, 2020.

Now the CDC lift the No Sail Order from cruise ships but most of the cruise company want to go with safety first for crew members and passengers that why they are still not resuming in the USA with their full flash.

It is good thinking from the cruise industry to cancel some ships sailing in the USA till December 31, 2020.

CDC Update for Cruise Ship

31st October 2020. The CDC announced No More No Sail order for cruise ship, They said now the cruise company can resume their service.

But they came almost 40 pages of new policies and standard which is mandatory to follow for every cruise line if they sail in United State.

Since Feb 2020, The Cruise Industry is suspended due to COVID-19, Due to this the cruise industry is gone with big losses of their revenue, assets, values, etc.

Cruise Ship Update for Passengers

All the cruise company apologize and said all impacted guests and travel advisors will be notified via email. The cruise company will update guests about deployment and scheduling plans for our fleet and homeports.

Cruise Ship Update for Crew Members

For Crew members they have change many things like they have updated their medical policies to join cruise ship.

They need to carry their COVID-19 negative test report and when they will come to join cruise ship, they will have to Quarantine in hotels.

If you are a crew member then you can check out the Pros and Cons of working on a cruise ship.

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