Norwegian Cruise Line Assistant Cook Salaries

Norwegian Cruise Line is one of the best Cruise Lines which pays the best salary to their cruise employees. The NCL holds three brands Regent Seven Seas Cruises, Oceania Cruises, and Norwegian Cruise Line, the best thing about Norwegian Cruise Line is they pay very good salaries to their all brands of ships. The Norwegian Cruise Line Assistant Cook’s Salary is $898 USD per month.

The Salary of an assistant cook on the Norwegian Cruise Line is $898 USD per month but this salary also varies as per seniority and promotion as well.

This salary is for those who have just a newly hired crew member as an assistant cook but If any Crew member is returning a crew member as an assistant cook then he/she will get paid some more extra amount as seniority.

If any crew members get promoted from assistant cook to cook then their salary will increase approx $300 USD. For an assistant cook working on the Norwegian Cruise Line, any ship and his/her salary is $898 USD per month, then after promotion, The Salary of a cook on the Norwegian Cruise Line will be $1198 USD per Month.

Norwegian Cruise Line Assistant Cook Salary

How Long do You Work On a Cruise For?

If You are joining Norwegian Cruise Line as an Assistant Cook then your Contract Length will be 36 weeks on board and 9 weeks will be Off.

The Contract length on a cruise ship is always varied from position to position and company to company, an average contract length of crew members on board is four months to ten months and an average Off will be two to three months before your next assignment.

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What are the Requirements to Work on a Cruise Ship?

  • You Must have a Valid Passport,
  • You must be 21 years old,
  • Minimum 1-2 years of relevant Experience,
  • Basic STCW Safety Certificate,
  • A Valid C1D Visa,
  • You need to Pass your medical Examination,
  • Good communication Skills,

How Can I Work on a Cruise Ship?

There are two ways to apply for cruise ship jobs, The first way is to go to the cruise company’s official website and find your relevant jobs and apply through their website.

The second way is to find the official hiring partners in your country and apply through them for a cruise ship.

Q. Do Cruise Ship Workers get free Food?

Ans. Cruise Ship Employees get three times free food in their staff mess/ Crew mess and 24 hours tea, coffee, Juices, and fruits.

Q. Do Cruise Ship Workers get free room and board?

Ans. Yes, all the cruise ship workers get a free room, Some of the crew members get shared rooms, and some of the crew members or officers get an individual room, Rooms division always depends on the position to position.

Q. Is it easy to get Cruise Ship Jobs?

Ans. Getting a cruise ship job is very easy If you are fulfilling their basic criteria and your communication and technical skills are good.

Q. Do Cruise Ship Workers get Over Time?

Ans. Yes, all cruise ship workers get paid for their extra work after a 9-hour shift.

Q. Height Requirement for Cruise Ship Job?

Ans. If you want to join a cruise ship job then there is no Height requirement, anyone can join a cruise ship If he/she has at least an SSC pass and a minimum of 1-2 years of relevant experience.

Jobs on cruise ships with no experience

entry level cruise ship jobs

If you are looking for a cruise ship job but do not have any previous experience then it’s very hard to get a job on cruise ships. Yes, you can get jobs on cruise ships with no experience but these jobs will be very scratch level jobs like- Galley Utility, hotel utility, bar utility, store utility, etc. Jobs on cruise ships with no experience are very easy to get but the salary for these positions will be very less.

Salary on Cruise Ships

On cruise ship jobs salary is very good but jobs on a cruise ship with no experience will not pay a good salary because you will get very scratch level jobs.

Salary always depends on company to company, a good company pays you good salary but a small company pays you very less salary.

If you starting your career on a cruise ship with no experience then you may get your salary between $500USD to $800USD per month.

Cruise Ship Jobs without Diploma/Degree

To join cruise ships as crew members is very easy, If you do not have a diploma or degree from hotel management you can join a cruise ship.

But you must have at least two years of relevant experience from 4 or 5-star hotels, If you have 2 years of job experience then you can apply for cruise ship jobs.

Requirements to apply for cruise ship job

  • You must have atleast two years of relavant previous experience.
  • Valid passport is second very important reqiorement for cruise ship job.
  • Minimum you should have 12th pass/Diploma/Degree. These are the primary requirements.
  • Secondary requirements to apply for cruise ship jobs are:
  • You will have to clear your medical.
  • You need STCW certificate ( all basic safety certificate).
  • A Valid Visa like C1D/Schenzen as per requirements.
  • Your profile must be working in status.

How to apply for cruise ship Jobs

If you are looking for cruise ship jobs then you can check out employeement agency near by you and apply for cruise ship jobs.

Here you can register yourself with all the details, Once your profile will select then the concern will contact you.

So If you are applying for cruise ship jobs, You must be very active with your phone and Gmail, the preference address will be Gmail and phone.

If you are applying from India then apply from these hiring agency’s, all the cruise ship hiring is free of cost. Please be very careful If someone will ask money for cruise ship jobs.

Cruise Ship Jobs Interview Questions and Answers

What kind of questions asked for cruise ship jobs and how you should answers them, This is very very important for cruise ship jobs seekers. I will suggest you to go through once with these cruise ship jobs interview questions and answers.

But one of the best way to crack your cruise ship jobs interview is just be confident with your current profile and work.

Most of the questions they asked from your current jobs profile, Your communitions and little bit from technical questions.

Note:- If anyone have any queries regarding cruise ship jobs then please feel free to comment me below, for sure I will help you out because since 2015 I am working on a cruise ship. If anyone want to know more about me then you can read more here.

Norwegian Cruise Line Jobs|NCL Careers|ncl Jobs

The Norwegian cruise line job is one of the most demanding jobs in the fleet, Everyone wants to be a part of the NCL team but only some are lucky. So here I will let you know about how you can join NCL Jobs? If you want to make NCL Careers successful then you must need to follow all the processes.

Before you apply for NCL jobs you must fulfill all the basics requirements about NCL Careers, Like Age requirements, Previous work experience, qualifications, etc.

Here I will let you know how you can apply for NCL Careers or NCL Jobs, So read all the details before applying for NCL careers. This will help you to get your choice of jobs on the first attempt.

I am working since 2015 with Norwegian Cruise Line and I know how you can be a part of NCL and how you can grow with NCL as a family member of NCL.

Cruise Ship Job Age Requirements

If you want to work onboard then you must be 18-21 years old, the minimum age limit to work onboard is 18 years old if you are working as a child care team but If you are working as an alcohol server like a bar waiter, bartender then you must be 21 years old.

The maximum age limit to work onboard is depends on company to company and department to department. Some of the companies do hire their fresh crew at age of 36-40 years old If you deserve the position you applied for.

How you can Apply for NCL Careers | NCL Jobs

There are two ways to apply for NCL Jobs:-

  • The first way, you can find the hiring partner for NCL jobs in your own country.
  • Go to the hiring partner’s official website and register yourself by creating a signUp procedure.
  • Here, If your profile gets shortlist then the hiring team will contact you by your E-Mail or by Phone number.
  • The second way, You can visit the direct cruise ship company official website and there you can register for shipboard jobs and Corporate Employment.
  • Once your profile gets shortlist than the hiring team of that company will contact you by given contact details.

Here is an example of applying for Norwegian Cruise Line:-

Norwegian Cruise Line Jobs Salary | NCL Jobs Salary

Why Norwegian Cruise Line is best for employment is because the Norwegian Cruise line pays the best salary to their crewmember or staff.

I am an example of a Norwegian Cruise Line Crew member, They pay an average salary of their crew is $10,800 USD Per Annum.

Example:- The Norwegian Cruise Line pay $1293 USD per month to their Assistant waiter but the Apolo Group of Cruise line pay $850 USD per month.

The NCL is a very fast-growing company and they are launching a brand new ship every next year’s comparatively another cruise line.

So If you are planning to become a part of Norwegian Cruise Line the go ahead and apply right now.

If you want to know more about Norwegian Cruise Line then please feel free to comment me below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question. 1. What Qualifications do you need to work on a cruise ship?

Answer. – You must be a minimum of 18-21 years old.
– You should be passed your intermediate study.
– Before apply for cruise ship jobs you should have at least two years of work experience.
-After job selection, you need a safety certificate(STCW), Passport, Visa ( C1D Visa or Schengen Visa) Medical.
– You need to clear your criminal background.
– And you must meet the communication fluency.

Question.2. Is Tattoo allowed in Cruise Ship?

Answer. If you have a visible tattoo then you can not apply for cruise ship jobs like Arms, Neck, etc. It Means if you are onboard with your uniform then it should not be visible. If you have a tattoo invisible then you can apply for cruise ship jobs like in your back, chest, etc.

Question. 3. How much do Cruise Ship Captains make?

Answer. The salary of a captain depends on the company to company, A big company pay good salary like NCL, RCL, MSC, etc. But an average salary pays an average salary.
An average salary of a cruise ship captain is between $ 10,000 USD to $15, 000 USD per month.

Question.4. Is Captain Kate McCue Married?

Answer. Yes, Captain Kate McCue is married and she was the first Lady Captain of any cruise ship in the world. currently, she is working with Celebrity Cruises.

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