Norwegian Cruise Line Assistant Cook Salaries

Norwegian Cruise Line is one of the best Cruise Lines which pays the best salary to their cruise employees. The NCL holds three brands Regent Seven Seas Cruises, Oceania Cruises, and Norwegian Cruise Line, the best thing about Norwegian Cruise Line is they pay very good salaries to their all brands of ships. The Norwegian Cruise Line Assistant Cook’s Salary is $898 USD per month.

The Salary of an assistant cook on the Norwegian Cruise Line is $898 USD per month but this salary also varies as per seniority and promotion as well.

This salary is for those who have just a newly hired crew member as an assistant cook but If any Crew member is returning a crew member as an assistant cook then he/she will get paid some more extra amount as seniority.

If any crew members get promoted from assistant cook to cook then their salary will increase approx $300 USD. For an assistant cook working on the Norwegian Cruise Line, any ship and his/her salary is $898 USD per month, then after promotion, The Salary of a cook on the Norwegian Cruise Line will be $1198 USD per Month.

Norwegian Cruise Line Assistant Cook Salary

How Long do You Work On a Cruise For?

If You are joining Norwegian Cruise Line as an Assistant Cook then your Contract Length will be 36 weeks on board and 9 weeks will be Off.

The Contract length on a cruise ship is always varied from position to position and company to company, an average contract length of crew members on board is four months to ten months and an average Off will be two to three months before your next assignment.

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What are the Requirements to Work on a Cruise Ship?

  • You Must have a Valid Passport,
  • You must be 21 years old,
  • Minimum 1-2 years of relevant Experience,
  • Basic STCW Safety Certificate,
  • A Valid C1D Visa,
  • You need to Pass your medical Examination,
  • Good communication Skills,

How Can I Work on a Cruise Ship?

There are two ways to apply for cruise ship jobs, The first way is to go to the cruise company’s official website and find your relevant jobs and apply through their website.

The second way is to find the official hiring partners in your country and apply through them for a cruise ship.

Q. Do Cruise Ship Workers get free Food?

Ans. Cruise Ship Employees get three times free food in their staff mess/ Crew mess and 24 hours tea, coffee, Juices, and fruits.

Q. Do Cruise Ship Workers get free room and board?

Ans. Yes, all the cruise ship workers get a free room, Some of the crew members get shared rooms, and some of the crew members or officers get an individual room, Rooms division always depends on the position to position.

Q. Is it easy to get Cruise Ship Jobs?

Ans. Getting a cruise ship job is very easy If you are fulfilling their basic criteria and your communication and technical skills are good.

Q. Do Cruise Ship Workers get Over Time?

Ans. Yes, all cruise ship workers get paid for their extra work after a 9-hour shift.

Q. Height Requirement for Cruise Ship Job?

Ans. If you want to join a cruise ship job then there is no Height requirement, anyone can join a cruise ship If he/she has at least an SSC pass and a minimum of 1-2 years of relevant experience.

Cruise Ship News Update|When will Resume Cruise Ship

Cruise Ship News Update:-The Cruising industry was doing great for the last few months, but due to Omicron again they are expecting to shut down. Everything was getting better, Crew members were going back to work again, Guest was planning to do cruising. But because of the new variant of covid, they are going to shut down again. Of course, we have lots of questions in our mind like If it is going to shut down again then when will resume cruise ship. The below you will find some current Cruise ship news updates so read carefully and share your opinion with us.

Cruise Ship Update 2022

Every single day has lots of new covid cases and unfortunately, the cruise industry is canceling the cruising for a few month but don’t worry most cruise companies are giving future cruising options to their lovely guest. Apart from that, they are offering some onboard offers to the guests like free Wi-FI on board, Free Excursion, etc.

So If your cruising is canceled by the company it means they care about your health and safety first than anything. Onboard health safety must be first priority for guests as well as crew members.

On January,5,2022, 139 persons get infected out of 1827 on Cordelia’s cruise ship in Goa, India. The cruise ship itinerary was Mumbai to Lakshadweep to Goa, The BMC send them for quarantine.

The Norwegian Cruise Line Cancel the many cruise ship sailing due to the increasingly high volume of positive cases. The latest Norwegian Gem cancels 10 days cruising in mid-voyage and returns back to New York City.

cruise job
cruise ship jobs

The Royal Caribbean International And Celebrity cruise line also cancels more cruises because omicron continues to break out the cases in the cruise industry.

We all know that virus onboard is spreading like anything and the CDC warn cruise ship travelers to avoid travel by cruise ship to keep them safe and secure from covid. If someone is fully vaccinated onboard still are in a danger zone to get infected by covid.

If you are crew members and waiting for your joining date then this time maybe you can get your joining early because the crew members join the ship a few months ago, They need to come back home and new crew members will join back to ship, So keep your documents ready and stay safe at your home.

Anyone who want to join a cruise ship job and wants to apply for a cruise ship job then you can find hiring partners for cruise ship jobs nearby you, Click Here for the best employment agency, These hiring partner will never ask you for money for cruise ship jobs. It’s 100% free recruitment.

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When will Cruise Ships Sail Again|| Will Cruises Resume in 2021

cruise update

Everyone wants to know when will cruise ships sail again and many of them have lots of confusion about “will Cruise Resume in 2021” or not. Simply It’s not so easy to start sailing again without proper guidelines and without conditions. Cruise Industry may resume 100% sailing at the end of 2021 or begging of 2022. Few ships can start sailing in June 2021 as per their announcement.

They do have conditional sailing but still, they are not ready to sail in water because of many guidelines given by CDC, Now they do have a Vaccination passport also If someone thinking about cruising incoming day.

It’s very hard to say “will cruises resume in 2021” because many shipping company canceling their Itinereray due to another face of COVID.

Canada also have restriction to sail in Canadian water until February 2022 as per transport Minister of Canada. We hope that they may change their restriction in the future and let’s allow cruise companies to sail at the end of 2021 but It looks impossible.

When will Norwegian Cruises Resume|| Norwegian Cruise Line

Norwegian Cruise Line paused their all sailing through May 2021, They may start sailing in June 2021. They may extend their pause in the future because they also announced that they are going to repatriate all non-essential crew members by March-April 2021.

So here have very little chance to resume in June because before they start sailing, They will have to start test cruising which is impossible to do without crew members. You can check out more on NCL Official Website.

UPDATED:- On 16th March 2021 NCL(Norwegian Cruise Line) extend their pause on sailing through June 30, 2021, and NCL may expecting to resume sailing on July 2021.

When Will Princess Cruises Resume Sailing

Princess Cruise line Suspended them all sailing until April 2021, They may start sailing In May 2021. They have Itinerary in the third week of May 2021 in the Mediterranean and Adriatic.

Princess Cruise line extending the pause of its UK-based cruise vacation through 25 September 2021.

When will Carnival Cruise Resume Sailing

Carnival Cruise line extend its pause in operation from United State ports through May 31, 2021. They may start sailing again in June 2021. Carnival cruise line also planning to reduce the contract period of their current onboard crew members. The rumors say they may suspend through September 2021 and they can resume sailing in October 2021.

When will Royal Caribbean Resume Sailing

Royal Caribbean Cruise Line suspended their sailing through March 2021 and they may resume sailing again in April 2021.

Royal Caribbean Cruise line offering the cheapest price cruise vacation for guests at $199 only, So If you are planning to do a Cruise with confidence then you can go for an RCCL vacation.

The Azamara is also extended their all sailing through June 2021, They may resume sailing at the end of June or the first week of July 2021.

When will P&O Cruises Resume Sailing again

P&O Cruises is one of the best cruise line and everyone want to know about resuming update of P&O Cruises. P&O cruises suspended their all sailing through August 2021. P&O cruises may resume sailing in September 2021.

When will MSC Cruises resume sailing

MSC cruise line is one of the big cruise companies in the world we have and they are growing day by day. Most of you have a query about the MSC cruise line, which means when MSC will resume sailing again so MSC cruise line is suspended through April 2021. The MSC cruise line may resume sailing in May 2021.

When will Marella Cruise Resume Sailing Again

Marella Cruise Line associated with TUI cruise company and the TUI/Marella cruise line suspended their all sailing through April 2021. The TUI cruises may resume sailing again in May 2021.

Will Cruises Resume in 2021

Cruise Jobs for Freshers-Ship Jobs for Freshers

See, Most of the cruise companies are announcing their expected date to sail again but due to lots of conditions, they are not yet ready to sail. Some of the cruise companies are expecting to resume service in April/May/June but they are not sure yet.

If someone will ask me about resuming the update of the cruise company then my answer will be the end of this year or maybe next year.