Norwegian Cruise Line Assistant Cook Salaries

Norwegian Cruise Line is one of the best Cruise Lines which pays the best salary to their cruise employees. The NCL holds three brands Regent Seven Seas Cruises, Oceania Cruises, and Norwegian Cruise Line, the best thing about Norwegian Cruise Line is they pay very good salaries to their all brands of ships. The Norwegian Cruise Line Assistant Cook’s Salary is $898 USD per month.

The Salary of an assistant cook on the Norwegian Cruise Line is $898 USD per month but this salary also varies as per seniority and promotion as well.

This salary is for those who have just a newly hired crew member as an assistant cook but If any Crew member is returning a crew member as an assistant cook then he/she will get paid some more extra amount as seniority.

If any crew members get promoted from assistant cook to cook then their salary will increase approx $300 USD. For an assistant cook working on the Norwegian Cruise Line, any ship and his/her salary is $898 USD per month, then after promotion, The Salary of a cook on the Norwegian Cruise Line will be $1198 USD per Month.

Norwegian Cruise Line Assistant Cook Salary

How Long do You Work On a Cruise For?

If You are joining Norwegian Cruise Line as an Assistant Cook then your Contract Length will be 36 weeks on board and 9 weeks will be Off.

The Contract length on a cruise ship is always varied from position to position and company to company, an average contract length of crew members on board is four months to ten months and an average Off will be two to three months before your next assignment.

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What are the Requirements to Work on a Cruise Ship?

  • You Must have a Valid Passport,
  • You must be 21 years old,
  • Minimum 1-2 years of relevant Experience,
  • Basic STCW Safety Certificate,
  • A Valid C1D Visa,
  • You need to Pass your medical Examination,
  • Good communication Skills,

How Can I Work on a Cruise Ship?

There are two ways to apply for cruise ship jobs, The first way is to go to the cruise company’s official website and find your relevant jobs and apply through their website.

The second way is to find the official hiring partners in your country and apply through them for a cruise ship.

Q. Do Cruise Ship Workers get free Food?

Ans. Cruise Ship Employees get three times free food in their staff mess/ Crew mess and 24 hours tea, coffee, Juices, and fruits.

Q. Do Cruise Ship Workers get free room and board?

Ans. Yes, all the cruise ship workers get a free room, Some of the crew members get shared rooms, and some of the crew members or officers get an individual room, Rooms division always depends on the position to position.

Q. Is it easy to get Cruise Ship Jobs?

Ans. Getting a cruise ship job is very easy If you are fulfilling their basic criteria and your communication and technical skills are good.

Q. Do Cruise Ship Workers get Over Time?

Ans. Yes, all cruise ship workers get paid for their extra work after a 9-hour shift.

Q. Height Requirement for Cruise Ship Job?

Ans. If you want to join a cruise ship job then there is no Height requirement, anyone can join a cruise ship If he/she has at least an SSC pass and a minimum of 1-2 years of relevant experience.

Norwegian Cruise Line Letter Of Employment | NCL LOE

Original NCL LOE

Letter of employment is one of the main documents to join cruise ship and to process C1D Visa, without LOE you can not join any ship and you can’t take your visa. So how look like Norwegian Cruise Line Letter Of Employment and how NCL LOE is important to join cruise line. There are many fake Letter Of Employment given to job seekers by fake hiring company. Here you will find original Norwegian Cruise Line Letter Of Employment.

Norwegian Cruise Line Letter Of Employment is also know as Letter for Crew, Which mentioned on top NCL logo with head office address.

Then it’s mentioned that you are a new hire or Re-employment with Your name as per Visa, your passport number and your country.

And then which ship you are going to join from which port with xyz position and joining date.

If crew members are failed to NCL vessel due to any reason the Norwegian Cruise Line will pay for any cost incurred in deporting his/her homeland.

The Norwegian Cruise Line also request to join assigned ship with valid passport, valid visa and valid medical exams.

The NCL is also provide information for Officers and Crew arrival details like how they will travel, where the crew and officers will stay if reached before joining the ship, what will do if luggage is lost, etc.

How Important a Letter Of Employment

Letter of Employment is one of the very important documents, without Letter of employment you can’t join cruise ship, without letter of employment you can’t take C1D Visa appointment.

The letter of employment is a guarantee letter that the company is going to hire you and they will pay you for your work.

So when you go for Visa interview the Consulate will check all the given details which is mentioned in your LOE and match with your passport, like your name, passport number, etc.

When You Will Receive Letter Of Employment from the Company

Once you get hired by company then the company will decide your joining position and your salary. If you are good with company offers then they will ask you a declaration from your side.

If you accept company declaration form then they will provide you a Letter Of Employment and then you need to ask joining date from the company. After getting joining dates and LOE from the company then only you can apply for C1D Visa otherwise you may get hold your visa due to incomplete documents or it may cancel your visa because you were not able to provide all necessary documents.

The Original Letter Of Employment for Norwegian Cruise Line | Original LOE of Norwegian Cruise Line

Here you can see the original Letter Of Employment for Norwegian Cruise Line, If you found different from this letter of employment then it may be fake or not original. So be very careful with fake hiring company.

The hiring company can cheat your money by providing fake LOE of any company, The Cruise Ship Jobs Opportunity is free of cost. The hiring partners will not ask you any single amount of money.

The fake company can ask you money at the time of your medical exams, for your visa fees, for your flight ticket.

So If anyone asking money for cruise ship jobs then feel free to connect with me. Either you can comment below or you can text me on my Instagram at arunnbcruiser.

My consultation will be free of cost but my cost is If i help you then you must help someone who need it. One help can change someone life.

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Cruise Ship Jobs in the United Kingdom

ALERT:- The Cruise Ship job in the United Kingdom is a very demanding job in the UK, but at the same time there are many fake agents also who promise Cruise Ship jobs in the United Kingdon and for that, they charge money instead of Cruise ship jobs in the UK.

So, Here I will share some trustable Cruise Ship hiring partners who are hiring for cruise ship jobs for FREE. If you are looking for Cruise ship jobs in the united kingdom then you must apply through these hiring partners only.

Free Recruitment Agents in the United Kingdom


Crown Recruitment is one of the best hiring partners in the UK and they hiring for Royal Caribbean Cruise Line and Celebrity Cruises. The Crown Recruitment is hiring for Casino, Technical, Entertainment, and Guest Services. So If you are looking for Jobs in these departments then you can apply through their official website.

Contact Details of Crown Recruitment

  • Crown House
  • Sandelswood End
  • Beaconsfield
  • Bucks
  • HP9 2AP
  • United Kingdom

2. Creation Worldwide Limited

The Creation Worldwide is one of the world’s best crew suppliers of entertainment to the cruise industry and corporate market. This is the very trusted and genuine hiring partner of the cruise line, So if you want to go on a cruise ship as a crew member then please register through their official website.

And please be active with your mode of contact (phone number, Email ID) so once your profile gets selected then they will contact you on given contact details.

Contact Details of Creation Worldwide Limited UK

  • Suite 105
  • Wyndham House
  • Wyndham St
  • Bridgend
  • United Kingdom

3. International Services- UK

The International Services UK is one of the best recruiters for Disney Cruise Line from the United Kingdom. The Disney Cruise Line is the best paying cruise company in the world so If you want to be a part of Disney then apply through their official website.

Contact Details of International Services UK

  • 4 Broadley View Castsfield
  • East Sussex
  • TN339RG
  • United Kingdom

All upper mentioned hiring partners are the best for cruise ship jobs from the united kingdom, So if you want to apply for cruise ship jobs from the united kingdom then go through these agencies.

norwegian cruise line
Norwegian Cruise Line

If you are around the world, Either United Kingdom, USA, China, Indonesia, Philippines, India, etc. You can apply directly through company website like:-

One of the best and famous way that you can apply for cruise ship job by Here you can visit and register your self for Royal Caribbean Cruise Line Jobs. If your profile will get shortlisted then hiring team of RCCL will contact you through give contact details.

Another way you can go Norwegian Cruise Line official website and from there you can go to careers option and choose your choice of job and apply for same. If current vacancies is not available then you register your self for notification.

NOTE:- If any one need any consultation for cruise ship jobs then feel free to comment me below, The consultation will be free of cost.