Hair Transplant Side Effects | My Hair Transplant Cost

Hey Guys, Recently I have done my hair Transplant from Delhi and I am feeling lots of temporary side effects after hair transplant. So here I will share very honest hair transplant side effects which every hair transplant patient gets affected and you must aware of these side effects. Here I will share the whole hair transplant journey with you like my hair transplant cost, medicine after hair transplant, temporary hair transplant side effects, diet after hair transplant, Precautions after hair transplant, hair transplant cost in Delhi, etc.

So I request you all to go through this article before you decide on a hair transplant because this is very hard to choose clinics, budgets, doctors, safety and security of your health, hygiene standard clinics, etc.

Hair Transplant Side Effects | 8 Common Hair Transplant Side Effects

Here I am sharing 8 common hair transplant side effects that you must be aware of before thinking about hair transplant. All these hair transplant side effects and have faced and taken proper precautions to get well soon from all these side effects.

  • Swelling:- Swelling is a common side effect after hair transplant you will face, On an average 98% people face with this side effect only 2% people don’t. Most of the people get nervous after swelling on head and face which is very common. The swelling will start after 3-4 days of hair transplant and will stay next 2-3 days but slowly it will settle down. So if you are facing swelling after hair transplant then no need to worry, just keep patience and try to take rest as much as you can.
  • Itching on Head:- Itching on head is also one of the very common side effects after hair transplant, Which will start after 2-3 days of transplant. Do not do itching on head if you feel then spray the liquid which you will get from clinic to spray on head every hours. This is the only best way to take precaution from itching on head.
  • Weakness After Transplant:- Most of you will feel weakness after hair transplant because lots of bleeding during hair implantation process like, slitting, extracting graft and implantaion graft.
  • Pain in your Head:- Hair transplant is a procees of slitting, Graft extraction and graft implantation. During hair transplant process Doctors use punches to extract graft and niddles to make slits which will hurt you later and give you lots of pain in your head. But these pain are not permanent, the doctor will provide you proper medice to recover as soon as possible.
  • Bleeding Scalp:- The day you will go through hair transplant process, you will not feel anything in your head and your head scalp do bleeding during hair transplant process. The hair implantation area will be bleedy which will convert in to blood clots and it will go after head wash.
  • Numbness on Head:- After hair transplant you will feel numbness on your head because of the drung which will give you during your transplantation procees, that make you unable to feel pain. The numbness can stay for certain period of time on your head but you need to take care of your self and need to protect to hit your head anywhere.
  • Thinning of your hair Grith:- You will face this problem If you are going to do hair transplant, because we all know we have limited hair on our head. In Hair transplantation process doctor will use your hair from back area(doner) to front area(implantation area). So your doner area will become thinner then before in density of hair.
  • Scarring Head:- Before you go for hair transplant you must research about your consult doctor or clinic, If your doctor is not professional with good experience the they will distroy your doner area which will look very scarring after hair transplant.

My Hair Transplant Cost | Hair Transplant Cost In Delhi

Hair Transplant is very trending now and every bald people looking for a good clinic for their hair transplant but every clinic has a different price list for hair transplant. They are charging as per grade baldness you are suffering.

Some clinics charge Rs.15 per graft and some clinics charge Rs.200 per graft as per their experience and location of the clinic. But on average price of hair transplants in Delhi/NCR is Rs.20 to Rs.40. Some of the clinics offer some package system of hair transplant like 50k-80k unlimited graft implantation.

The price of my hair transplant is Rs.50,000 thousand of clinic charge Rs.1000 for medicine for a week and Rs.2800 for some pre hair transplant tests like sugar, blood pressure, HIV, etc., and almost Rs.1000 for travel expenses.

If you want to know more about my hair transplant journey then feel free to comment me below. If you want to know more about me like who am I and where I am working then click here.

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