What are the Benefits of working as a Bartender on a cruise ship as opposed to working on Land

The most important benefit of working as a bartender on a cruise ship is the salary, compare to land base bartender salary is higher on a cruise ship, Including Gratuities, Tips, etc. The Salary of a bartender is always dependent on the company to company.

The average salary of a bartender on a cruise ship is between $1400 UDS to $2200 USD per month. but on the land average salary of a bartender is $300 USD to $500 USD per month.

If you are working as a bartender on a cruise ship and you are from a developed country then it might affect you but If you are from a developing country and working on a cruise ship as a bartender then it will affect your financial stabilities. You will earn good, you will save a good amount of money on board.

Other Benifits of Working on Cruise Ship As a Bartender

  • Travel Benifit- You can roam around the world without paying a single amount of money and at the same time you will get paid of your work. So if your passion is travel then join as a cruise ship employee and travel the world for free.
  • Working hours- If you are working more then 9 hours as a bartender on a cruise ship then you will get paid overtime amount. But on land its very hard to get paid overtime money, Most of the time you may need to work more then 10 hours with same salary. Onboard all the bars always close on time so that you don’t have to worry about 13 or 14 hours work like land job.
  • Permanent Work- Cruise ship job is a guarantee permanent work, same like land work unless you get fired by company due to miss beheviour attitute onboard or as long as you don’t do something dumb onboard.
  • Promotion– If you have good knowledge, skills, work ethic and good performance onboard then you can move on next level on Food and Beverage service, Like you can get promoted as a Bar Supervisor and then Bar Manager to Food and Beverage Director too.

Disadvantage of Working on Cruise Ship as a Bartender

  • Long Contract Period without Off- If you are working on cruise ship as a bartender rhen you must need to work for atleast 6-8 month without any day off. But in case if you are medically not fit for work then only you will get few hours off as per onboard doctor instruction. So personally I feel this is one of the big drawback of working on cruise ship.
  • No Privacy on board for staff- If you are working as a bartender on cruise ship then you will have to share your cabin with other room mates, that mean there is no privacy for you. For example, If you are on phone with your love one then your room mate can leason everything what you are talking to your familly or love one.
  • There are many more Pros and cons of working on cruise ship, You must read once before applying for cruise ship job.
  • Very High Standard– Working on cruise ship as a bartender is very high standard job, no matter where you have worked before, but here you need a very good knowledge, skills and need to follow all the Standard of the company.

So If you want to work on a cruise ship then you can find the nearest cruise ship job hiring partner here. Which will help you to get your dream job.

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Eligibility Criteria for Bartender on Cruise Ship Jobs

  • Minimum 2 years of relavent experience is required from 4 or 5 star hotels.
  • High School Diploma/Hotel management diploma or Degree is required for cruise ship job as a bartender.
  • A Valid Passport.
  • How you can become a bartender and what will be your salary as a bartender.

FAQ for cruise ship job

Question. How much do bartenders on cruises make?

Ans. An average salary of a bartender on a cruise ship is $1400 USD to $2200 USD per month can make. But the tips of a bartender are more than their basic salary on a cruise ship. A bartender can make $100-$300 USD on every sea day So an average tip of a bartender is around $2000-$4000USD per month.

Question. How do you become a bartender on a cruise ship?

Ans. You can join as a bar steward on a cruise ship and then after 2-3 years of experience you will become a bartender on a cruise ship but your promotion will be bar steward to bar waiter or wine waiter and then senior bar waiter to the bartender. Another way to work as a bartender on a cruise ship is to get at least two years of bartender experience in your home country from 4 or 5-star hotels and then you are eligible to apply for a cruise ship job as a bartender.

Question. Is Bartending a stressful Job?

Ans. Somehow yes, Bartending is a stressful job on a cruise ship because cruise ship bar is a high volume bar and pressure pack environment, At a single time lots of orders you will have to dispense and after closing the bar you need to do the inventory of beverage and before close, the bar need to do deep cleaning of your all area to prevent from on or off-board inspection like USPH.

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