“Richard D.Fain” The Chairman and CEO of the Royal Caribbean Cruise Line has decided to send home to their lovely crew members. The Royal Caribbean Management notified all the ship who’s currently sailing in the Australia to send home all crew members.

The Royal Caribbean finally decided to send three ships out of five ships from Australia to the Philippines and Indonesia. They said three ships out of five will be embark soon from Australia to the Philippines, Indonesia, china and India. They will carry almost 2600 crew members from five Royal Caribbean Ships which are currently at anchor in the Australia.

The management decided to sail Spectrum of the seas, Ovation of the seas and Voyager of the seas to the Philippine, Indonesia and China. For Indian crew members they will try to send by charter flight from Indonesia to the India.

They will transfer almost 600 crew members including Indonesia, Indian, Chinese and the Philippines from Radiance of the seas to Spectrum of the seas. The Spectrum of the seas will reach Bali (Indonesia) on Thursday, April 16, 2020 Where 261 crew member will disembark.

After Bali the Spectrum of the seas will move on for Manila, Philippines. They will reach there on Wednesday, April 22, 2020 to disembark 577 Philippines crew members. And the final stop will be Shanghai where Spectrum of the Seas will reach on May 11,2020 to disembark 522 Chinese crew members.

Celebrity Solstice of the seas transfer their crew to Ovation and Voyager of the seas

Celebrity Solstice crew members will be transferred to Ovation of the seas and Voyager of the seas. They will transfer 182 Indonesian, 204 Indian and 13 Chinese crew from Celebrity Solstice of the Seas . The rest of 382 Philippines will be transfer to Voyager of the Seas.

Ovation of the Seas will reach on Sunday, April 19, 2020 to disembark 239 Indonesian Crew members. Voyager of the Seas will receive 13 Chinese and 880 Philippines crew from Ovation of the Seas. The ship will reach Manila, Philippines on expected date April 25, 2020 to disembark around 1250 Philippines crew members.

And at last they will try to arrange a charter flight for 13 Chinese crew members and 204 Indian crew members. The RCCL believe your safety is our number one priority both on and off our ships.

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