A assistant security officer of Costa Cruise line Mr. Andrew Fernandes joined Costa Favolosa last year April 2019 as a assistant security officer. The Costa Favolosa is one of the largest and oldest ship which was sailing from Caribbean to Dominican republic in February 2020 and he was on board.

Few passengers on Board found positive for Covid-19. Some of the crew members too found the symptoms and Andrew Fernandes one of them. The Medical team isolate him for few days on board and tested twice for Covid-19 which came negative but the situation was getting worst day by day.

Finally on March 29 Mr. Andrew Fernandes along with few crew members was disembark from the ship by US Coast Guard. After disembarkation the Coast Guard took him to the hospital in Miami where tested positive of Covid-19.

And next day the doctor put him on ventilator support, Mr Andrew was 48 of his journey and he was living in Mumbai, India. And he has four kids two twins girl 9 year old and two twins boys five years old. While talking to his wife on phone said to take care of herself and kids.

The Doctors of Larkin Community Hopital said to his elder sister he may need to be transfer in Jackson Hospital in Miami, USA because he had pneumonia and the lung is also infected. However no beds was available in the Jackson Hospital as of now.

March 30, 2020 Maria Fernandes spoke last with her husband Mr. Andrew Fernndes. He said to his wife i have no idea what is happening in the hospital since Sunday (29 march). I have no option other then praying to god day and night.

He also share that may be the hospitals in USA is lacking somewhere, He said in the hospitals they do not have enough ventilators to safe the life of peoples here.


The NCL, One of the best cruise company in the world who’s Chief Executive Officer Mr. Frank J Del Rio and President at NCL corporation Ltd has been announced for temporary suspension of his all Cruises like Norwegian Cruise Line, Oceania Cruise Line and Regent Seven Sea Cruises.

see how its look like after crises on cruise line @ COVID-19

He announced that our most of the Cruise Ship has been suspended for their temporary service till April 10, 2020 Because of COVID-19. After suspension of cruise ship they try to give vacation of his current employee from overseas to better cure of themselves and did Disembark of the Ship.

United State President Donald Trump on this Friday (14 March 2020) said that major cruise lines Including Norwegian Cruise Line would suspend all the cruises for at least 30 days, So the company had initially suspended its cruises in the United States for 30 days which will help to reduce the repetition transmission of coronavirus among passengers at sea.

Crises on cruise line is just because of coronavirus, its happened first time in cruise industries like never happen before. Because of this Crises the share market of cruise industries is falling down day by day which means losses on this Industries for millions of dollars, specially Carnival cruise line, Royal Caribbean cruise line and Norwegian Cruise line.

The Princess cruise line also suspended their cruises for two month after they become hotbeds for coronavirus, They suspended his all 18 cruises due to The Diamond of Princess where almost over 700 people found positive cases including few crew members.

The companies are suspended for their voyage are, Royal Caribbean cruise line, Norwegian cruise line, Princess cruise line, Disney cruise line, Carnival cruise line, Viking cruise line, MSC cruise line, Jalesh cruise line, TUI cruise company, Seabourn cruise company, Costa cruise line etc. Almost whole Cruise industries are shutdown from their current service because of COVID-19.

These cruise company always take care of their guest as well as crew to eat healthy and stay healthy on board but during this situation COVID-19 they said a guest can also play good role like they said be alert and if anyone feel any symptoms and are not feeling at your best please contact as soon as possible to medical center which will help us to protect the safety and well being of yourself, your fellow guests and lovely crew as well.

They said best way to reduce the illness is frequently wash your hand with soap and warm water, dry it with paper tissue, and sanitize your hand with sanitizer which contain 70% of alcohol.